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September 7, 2022


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What is JAM?  JAM – Junction Arts & Media is CATV's new home base and will soon be our new name as we evolve to meet you in all of your digital and IRL (in real life) neighborhoods.


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Garlic Stir-Fry, anyone?

Learn top chefs' secrets, thanks to this Co-op Food Stores virtual cooking class. Host Lindsay Smith says a key rule of stir frying is "Do all your mise en place ahead of time." Translation: Get that dicing and chopping done before the quick cooking begins.

Anything Goes at AVA!  

Here goes anything with storytellers Jes Marbacher, Vicki Bridge, Kevin Gallagher, Henry Bromberg, Alan Fields, Don Kollisch, and Sue Schmidt in The Mudroom, AVA Gallery’s beloved live storytelling event.

Produced by Jordyn Fitch for JAM

June 16, 2022 at AVA Gallery, Lebanon NH 

Want to watch vintage Mudroom episodes? We've got 10 more, including "Family Ties," "The Worst Advice" and "Scary Stories" available on YouTube and streaming at JAM On-Demand.

Senator Sanders on the Inflation Reduction Act

Despite its significant flaws and short-comings in his view, Senator Bernie Sanders of VT lays out the case for supporting the Inflation Reduction Act and why it presents a singular opportunity to get something done. On US Senate Floor (8/3/22)

Rat Bastards take on The Neighborhood – and more!

The Upper Valley's independent pro wrestling league presents local wrestlers, Owen Brody, Ryan Roberts, BA Tatum, and Murdoch, battling it out in the squared circle, alongside challengers from near and far, at the Hillsboro 250th anniversary celebration.

Produced 8/9/22 by Chico Eastridge & Loren Howard for CATV/JAM

Local Government and School Boards on CATV 

Find local government and school meetings for Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, VT; Hanover, NH and Lebanon, NH (SAU88 only).  Pictured: SAU70 School Board (8/23/22). 

Upper Valley Religious Services on CATV 

Join your local house of worship or visit a new one Sundays. Pictured: Norwich Congregational Church, Norwich, VT (8/24/22)  


@JAM Podcasts

Going the Dismas 

Hartford Dismas House resident, Edgar, and Council Member, Jenn, join Dismas of Vermont’s Jeff Backus for a conversation about life, COVID, house dynamics, food, and Edgar’s birthday in episode 2! (Premiered 9/6/22)

Dismas of Vermont provides therapeutic community to men and women leaving incarceration and reconciling with the community. One of the main features of the Dismas model is our community dinners in which volunteers prepare and join us for dinner and story sharing.

Recorded at the Briggs Opera House with guidance and technical support from David Eric for CATV/ JAM.

Street lights called them home 

Our guest shares a positive experience of community anchored in a rich family tradition of openness and caring, in a place where kids answered the call of the street lights coming on as the signal to get back home, where elders sipped coffee and shared cake in fellowship. They describe how they have managed to maintain and cultivate a sense of belonging in the Upper Valley, using dialogue and mutual respect as the cornerstones to build their local community. (Premiered 9/6/22)

To share your story or questions with co-creators Michelle and Julius, you’re invited to email them at:

Magical cosmic beings!

This request, via Instagram from a special group of Dartmouth alums, to find books about "magical cosmic beings like toads and fairies and butterflies with special superpowers!!!" had Sam perplexed but able to rise to the occasion and Allie thrilled to respond.

Shelf Help is a collaboration between the Book Jam, a nonprofit designed to inspire readers; CATV/JAM Upper Valley media community; three Upper Valley bookstores: Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, VT; the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, VT; and Still North Books & Bar in Hanover, NH.



This year's Halloween-o-thon is SICKLY SWEET

Find out how to participate and register now! Films due Oct. 7

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Miss it live last week? Take a listen any time to the recorded live-stream of local musical talents Alex Roberts, Dylan Patrick Ward, and Matt Seiple and glimpse our new space in the former Newberry Market in the Gates-Briggs block, downtown White River Junction, VT while you're at it.  We hope to see you here IRL soon!

AmeUp with Matt Dunne

Re-scheduled for Monday 9/27 8AM


What does it take for a small town or rural business to be successful in America today?Bring a coffee and join Matt Dunne, Executive Director of the renowned Center on Rural Innovation in conversation with the AmeUP Upper Valley creative community at the new CATV / JAM studios in White River Junction.

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