September 15th, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

With the retail CBD market exploding at an alarming rate, today’s progressive vending operators are looking at CBD as an innovative way to tap into a new profit center. At the same time, vending machine manufacturers as well as CBD product producers are looking at vending as a growth area for their businesses.
The retail CBD market is projected to reach $7.38 billion this year, up from a mere $620 million two years ago according to research compiled by Stastia. The research predicts the market will reach $23.7 billion by 2023. Those current sales are through dispensaries (40%), retail stores (30%), online (27%) and other (12%).   Gallup indicates the largest demographic of purchasers of CBD product are the 18-29 year–olds (20%) followed by 30-49 (16%), 50-64 (11%) and 65+ (8%). 

Alan Shetzer, co-owner of Anytime CBD, says one of the reasons vending is a growth area for CBD is because of unattended retail.  AnytimeCBD, which is focused on the health and nutritional benefits that are derived from CBD, manufactures two small footprint flatscreen display CBD vending machines as well as a variety of  CBD products for humans and animals including tinctures, salves, drops, rubs and roll-ons.  All of its vending products are THC-free.  

Vending operators are always looking for new, technologically advanced revenue streams. One opportunity is in pet cleaning machines, such as the one offered by iClean Dog Wash.

iClean Dog Wash machines are currently installed worldwide, and can be found everywhere from major pet stores to shopping centers. Unlike other dog wash machines on the market, the iClean Dog wash unit comes in a variety of designs and materials including tile, stone, and wood. 

According to the company, dog owners who have used the IClean dog wash like coming back to get their dogs washed because the system has a luxurious look that makes pets want to come and get pampered.

AI controlled vending machines have received renewed interest this year as Covid-19 has made it more important than ever before for vending machines to have artificial intelligence. 

Vending machines with artificial intelligence are necessary because they are not just connected to the Internet. AI-powered vending machines also have the “intelligence” to provide customers with personalized vending experiences. They can also notify operators of restocking and technical support issues so that they can function more efficiently as well.

Market Forecast 2020-2027

If you’re a vending machine owner, you know that the use of AI-powered vending machines was on the rise before 2020. 

Coronavirus has changed the AI vending machine market dramatically and it’s expected to grow by over 16.25% from 2020-2027, according to Absolute Market Insights.

Coldtainer USA, providers of portable containers that can be used for precise temperature control in any transportation application, has introduced a solution for temperature-controlled transportation.

“Coldtainers are a very flexible and convenient solution for professionals who have to transport perishable goods while still maintaining health and safety standards,” said Terry Koerner, general manager of Coldtainer USA. “The direct expansion refrigerated containers are a portable and cost-effective technology for transporting food, medical and pharmaceutical supplies when precise temperature control and freeze protection capabilities are needed.”

“Coldtainers are the perfect product for companies that need flexibility,” Koerner added. “They provide options for meeting a variety of logistics needs and for transporting mixed loads at a much lower upfront, operating and maintenance cost than traditional refrigeration units. As a standalone technology, Coldtainers don’t require insulated and outfitted vans or trucks, which also lowers capital costs and improves resale values because non-converted units are more attractive to a wider range of used vehicle buyers.”

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