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Intermittent Glimpses from Ascension
Updates for Saturday, April 4
Eve of the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday
Morning Prayer via 'Zoom' Sunday at 8:30 a.m.
Liturgy of Palm Sunday ...
9:00 a.m. or after on Youtube or ...
Dear People of Ascension,

Before moving on to Holy Week, I want to take a moment to give thanks that we were able to offer a greatly simplified but still meaningful pantry ministry this morning. Deacon Charles Farrell and Daniel 'Dan' Pillar made it happen by acquiring and distributing Jewel gift cards through the garden gate. A friend had procured masks and gloves for them.
Sure, we may have been able to do some-thing other or more, and it's beginning to look as if we'll want to do so for May and perhaps beyond. But imagine if our guests had come to the same gate, locked, with no one behind it? I'm grateful for Deacon Farrell's continuing to anticipate and adapt in the present rapidly changing environment. Stay tuned ...
Morning Prayer via Zoom: Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Please refer to last week's newsletter if you're still asking 'What is Zoom?' As some of you will know, security issues that have arisen with Zoom have led to greater security in re our use of it. For tomorrow ... please do join us for Morning Prayer Sunday at 8:30 a.m. by clicking here (a different click from last week's). Alternately, you may go to the Zoom app or website and type in the following Meeting ID: 792 031 7452. This week you'll also need this Password: 1133
Thanks to Mary Beth Hwang for keeping up with changes and to all for your patience as we continue to figure this out in our efforts to remain connected.
The Liturgy for the
Sunday of the Passion:
Palm Sunday
The bottom line for tomorrow's liturgy: We won't know for sure until morning ... Go to our website in the morning or do a Youtube search for: Church of the Ascension, Chicago, Palm Sunday 2020.
The backstory: I felt that a 'live' stream that would include any traditional Palm Sunday rites would be awkward and implausible in the rectory, so with the help of others I set out to pre-record something. The vision became grand! My/our actual tech skills are less than grand. Let's see what I can, uh, salvage before morning ... pr+

I may or may not have anything to show for it by morning, but tying to put together a meaningful Palm Sunday liturgy has allowed me to discover or revisit some spectacular artworks. This painting shown below, by Lucas Cranach, the Elder, won't be part of anything I share tomorrow. But it's always great to come across something in the collection of our own Art Institute of Chicago. - Fr. Raymond +