2010 earthquake devastation in Haiti

AccomplishmentsWhat AWB Has Accomplished in Haiti

"Acupuncture has become an essential tool to heal our wounds. 
Haiti has welcomed acupuncture throughout the city and also in the country. It is an obligation to continue to relieve the population with acupuncture because it's free and easy."

Sanon Chelirose, AWB-trained Practitioner
offering free, weekly ear acupuncture

Ear acupuncture with the NADA protocol helps to heal post traumatic stress and return a person's nervous system to a healthy balance, which supports healing on all levels, including physically.
  • In the aftermath of the 7.0 Richter scale earthquake in 2010 which left more than 1 million of Haiti's 10 million people homeless, AWB teams from the U.S. treated 4,500 earthquake survivors.
  • Subsequently, AWB trained 120 doctors, nurses and health care workers in Haiti to incorporate ear treatments into their work.
  • Since 2013, treatment expenses for six local weekly clinics have been covered by stipends, and AWB has paid a part-time clinic manager in Haiti, Louissaint Alcide, to coordinate this program. 

    Louissaint Alcide giving an ear acupuncture treatment
  • AWB-trained Haitian volunteers have provided more than 30,000 trauma treatments using the NADA protocol. Currently, they offer between 500 and 1,000 free treatments in Haiti each month. 

We cannot thank our corporate sponsors and private donors enough for their generous support of trauma treatment in Haiti. 

Maywa y Corporation pr ovided the funding for AWB's  first volunteer team to go to Haiti

Community Development Institute has been another major supporter of AWB's Haiti Program

Without YOU, ear acupuncture trauma treatment would not have been offered in Haiti for almost 6 1/2 years since the earthquake.

Here is a story from last month's report sent by AWB Haiti Clinic Coordinator, Louissaint Alcide:

"Vivianne Cenosa is our patient at the OPPCD clinic which is managed by Henricia Massilon. When Vivianne arrived last Wednesday she couldn't walk because she had pain all over her body. We gave her a treatment and after thirty minutes she was able to walk home from the clinic by herself."

Viviane Cenosa, a patient at Henricia Massilon's clinic in Port-au-Prince
Henricia Massilon, an AWB-trained volunteer, treating in Port-au-Prince

"Thank you to our donors and AWB supporters for having facilitated the arrival of acupuncture in Haiti. Acupuncture is a marvel, a miracle. Acupuncture is very welcome in Haiti. In my clinic every week acupuncture brings about healing for the people and they love this therapy."

Henricia Massilon

WhynowWhy We Need Your Help NOW

AWB Haiti Clinic Coordinator Louissaint Alcide says funding for AWB's Haiti Program must continue

AWB is currently out of funding for stipends and salary for Haitian workers, as well as program coordination from our central office.

Meanwhile, the need remains.

Haiti is staggering under the weight of the devastation caused not only by the 2010 earthquake, but by centuries of political and economic intervention from superpower nations that has progressively crippled Haiti's economy.
  • More than six years after the 2010 earthquake, tens of thousands of Haitians are still living in tent camps, unable to move to more suitable housing.
  • A 2012 report showed Haiti to have the highest poverty rate of any country in the world. 
  • According to a Corruption Perceptions Index Report issued by Transparency International in 2006, Haiti ranked highest of all nations surveyed in perceived domestic corruption. This type of measure is often correlated with poverty.
  • The International Red Cross reports that 7 out of 10 Haitians live on less than $2 U.S. a day.
  • The country has a history of instability, with 32 political coups since independence in 1825. The October, 2015 presidential election is being contested for fraud with demands for a new election.
In a nutshell, Haiti continues to suffer from crushing generational and systemic trauma.

Most Haitian families struggle for the funds not just to feed their children 
but also to send them to school, since education is not free

Many, if not the majority, of the non-governmental organizations that flooded into Haiti with aid in 2010 are gone. 

The world moves on - to other media-worthy disasters.

As AWB works to meet current needs nationally and internationally, like flooding in Houston and the refugee crisis in Europe, we also strive
 to facilitate continued assistance for Haiti.

Click HERE to contribute to AWB's Haiti program.

WhatitwillfundNext Steps & What Your Support Will Fund

An AWB-trainee in Haiti offers treatment. 
Photo Carole Devillers

Your Contributions will fund the following in the coming year:
  • Stipends and salary for six Haitian practitioners
  • Strategic planning trip to Haiti
  • Assistance from a partner organization in Haiti
  • Program coordination from within the U.S.
Total of $16,000

For a detailed explanation of these next steps and statements from Haitian volunteers, please click   HERE.

AWB Founder/Executive Director Diana Fried (2nd from left) meets with the Haitian Minister of Health in Haiti in 2013 (2nd from right), with AWB Trainer and Acupuncturist Nathalie Guillaume, the minister's niece (right), and AWB Trainer and Acupuncturist Randi Savage (left)
If an additional $30,000 can be raised,  AWB will also train mental health workers and doctors at Partners in Health in Haiti, as well as more community health workers in Port-au-Prince.

AWB Trainer Julia Raneri mentors students at a 2011 training in Haiti while Father Eddy, Partner in Health's Mental Health Coordinator in Haiti, looks on.
Photo: Carole Devillers

"Acupuncture has always been a good thing for Haiti. Families benefit from the program and it is good for the population. 
I ask all donors to continue to support Haiti."

Estherline Abraham, AWB-trained practitioner 
offering free, weekly ear acupuncture

Please Support Trauma Recovery in Haiti

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Elouse Thumas treating community members in Leogane, Haiti

Thank you for your support of healing for Haiti. 

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