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Tech Titans of China: 
Fox Business, Varney & Co. .  
Apple is disadvantaged by China tariffs, but the progress of Chinese tech innovation may be the real concern. 
You may see the full interview here: 
Fox Business, Varney & Co.
August 19, New York City

Interview Talking Points:  
Does Tim Cook have a point that China tariffs are hurting Apple in competition with Samsung?
Is China stealing US intellectual property? 
Which country will win the 5G race? US or China?
How is China tech getting ahead and why? 

Trending: China's Pioneering Consumer Businesses   .
In China, a young live-streaming star can pull in as much as $40,000 monthly in virtual gifts from online fans who cheer on their dancing, singing and jokes set to catchy music. The Chinese company that popularized this made-in-China business model is Nasdaq-listed YY Inc. It takes a chunk of revenue from virtual tips such as roses bought by audiences for top video performers. 
China's live-streaming market took off a few years ago. Today, it's a $5 billion business and a highly popular form of entertainment. YY, with as many as 90 million viewers and $2.3 billion in revenues, is one of China's giants in this booming sector.  
The Chinese web has evolved beyond just copying Facebook, YouTube and Google, to innovating its own mobile-first digital platforms and ways of making money. All these services simply presume that users have smartphones, which in China, with 783 million such users, is a reasonable bet.
China is inventing not just virtual gifting but new types of mobile apps for social commerce as well as all-in-one services and mini-shops integrated within an app. China invented and popularized several other types of money-making mobile apps that the West is only beginning to adopt: short video apps, super apps and social commerce. China is also going all in on artificial intelligence to precisely match users with digital advertising and content, and leveraging key opinion leaders to influence and spark online shopping.   
Read my article at Techonomy , based on my book 

In case you missed it, read my prior article  at Techonomy How to understand China's Social Commerce Startup:  Pinduoduo : a mix of Costco, Groupon , and Disneyland. 

China's Herd of Unicorns ..
At least 200 Chinese startups have valuations of $1 billion or more, and many are preparing to go global. 
This article cites my new book, Tech Titans of China
and content about facial recognition startup SenseTime, the world's most valuable emerging company in the AI realm.   Read   Strategy & Business
Tencent leads $28 million round in online insurance platform Xiaobangguihua   
Sequoia Capital, Eastern Bell co-lead $42 million, Series C round in Yaoyanshe, a Chinese clinical research organization (CRO) service provider.   

 A team from Cyberport Hong Kong led by George Lam and Peter Yan visited New York and reassured Chinese investors that the digital tech park hasn't been much impacted by the unrest in Hong Kong. The protestors have left this startup engine for Hong Kong alone.

Tech Titans of China

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