Apple Harvest Day at Home
Photo Credit: Lydia Williams
Hello Apple Harvest Day Vendors!

We have been very busy here at the chamber preparing for Apple Harvest Day Online, or as we are now referring to it as "Apple Harvest Day at Home".

For those of you who missed our original announcement about Apple Harvest Day going virtual, you can see all the details from our original email here. (Please let us know if you have any questions about participating virtually).

"Home" means a lot of different things to different people. Home could be your workshop or office, it could be your downtown storefront, or your apple farm. Wherever "home" is for you, let's bring Apple Harvest Day to you there. Below we have given a few examples of how to enhance your virtual presence with an "at home" component.

-The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce Staff

Ways to Participate "At Home"
Is your business/organization open to the public?
Invite participants to join you at your "home" (place of business) throughout the month of October. Offer a promotion or do an event during the month of October to get people in the door.

Not open to the public?
Is there a business/organization you could partner with that is open to the public? If yes, you could do a pop-up collaboration on for a day, weekend, week, etc. during the month of October.

Non-Profit looking for donations?
Set-up a donation drive (virtual or in-person), where participants can drop-off or mail donated items to your organization throughout the month of October.

Do you usually only participate in Apple Harvest Day to hand out promotion material?
Let's talk about sponsorship opportunities we have for Apple Harvest Day this year. With such a new format, the sky is the limit in how to get your message to participants.
Other Questions and Comments
Photo Credit: Anne Post Poole
I want to share my craft through a virtual demonstration, how do I get involved?
Call the chamber! We definitely want your demonstration in our live stream!

I want to participate virtually, but shipping costs are too much for my products. Could I set up a time with my customers to pick their products up at the chamber?
YES! While we are not open to the public, our parking lot is wide open. Just let us know when, so we can plan accordingly.

I am out of state, why would anyone want to travel to my place for Apple Harvest Day?
One of the reasons we had to shift Apple Harvest Day to a virtual format was because of the out of state participation. People come from all over New England (and even from the mid-west) to see our vendors in Dover. Don't rule out participants wanting to drive to you or order from you online.
My business doesn't work with any of these suggestions. We are just not able to participate this year.
Each vendor is unique. If you want to participate but just don't know how, call us (603-742-2218)! We want to help create an Apple Harvest Day experience that works for you.
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