October 10-16
 Apple Innovation!

Apple Innovation: Since the Apple Watch was introduced two years ago, I thought innovation at Apple was basically dead. All we have had for the last 2 years is incremental updates to the products we love with nothing really new. To feed my Tech addiction, I have resorted to going rogue and buying innovative products from other vendors like Amazons Echo. Apple surprised me last week with a touch of genius!

New MacBook Pro: The new MacBook Pro was revealed on Thursday and looked pretty much like the others with the exception of one small thing.... the Touch Bar! This bar is located where the old function keys were that nobody used on the keyboard. Apple replaced them with a small touch screen that changes depending on what program you are using. It also works as a Touch ID interface to unlock your Mac or as Apple Pay to pay for stuff on the Internet. I believe that every Mac will have a touch bar in the future. I am waiting for it to be on the new iMac keyboard too! That would be awesome! To get the Touch Bar now you will have to put down almost $2,000 on a new MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar is truly a touch of genious!

Something else gleaned from the Apple special event on Thursday is that they are streamlining the lapto product line and the MacBook Air is on the way out. The low end Apple laptop will be the MacBook. Thunderbolt 3 will now be used for everything, including charging your laptop! Get use to buying adapters for devices you already have that you need to connect. Before you purchase a MacBook, make sure you ask yourself, Do you really need a Mac? Can an iPad accomplish the same thing? The choice is yours. To find out more about the new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar, click on the picture below...

Laptop Mishaps!
Now, if you want a new MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, go ahead and spill your glass of wine in your old MacBook! Believe me, when this happens, and it happens all the time, it's not funny! I have had so many spills lately and it can cost up to $500 or more to fix depending on if you fried your logic board. The picture on the right is of the Vino 2 Go 10 Oz. Wine Tumbler for $12.99 from Wayfair! Please buy one as I hate to hear your cry! Just click on the picture of the wine glass and select one you like and it will be at your house in no time! Rule of thumb, no liquids around electronics! But if you have to, make sure your cup is spill proof!

Kids and Touch Screens
I swear, every time my grandkids come over, someone's screen is cracked or their charging cable is chewed or missing! Kids break stuff! Please do yourself a favor and buy them a case and keep it in there! The best cases are made by Otter Box and will run you $60. I just had someone pay $180 for a screen replacement on a iPod Touch 5th Gen. It is sooooo not worth it and I hate to hear you cry! Just click on the iPhone on the left to get your Otter Box case!

Browser Hijacks!

This is still a problem! Print this out so you can get out of this yourself. This is the last time you will find it here! If your Mac tells you that you that you have a virus and to call a number to fix it for about $200, STOP! Do not call the number! Do not invest in Security Software for the Mac either as this is a Scam NOT a virus! Here is what you need to do to remove it:

1. Quit or Force Quit Safari by holding down the Option Key and clicking on Safari in the dock and drag up to Force Quit.

2. Launch Safari while holding down the Shift key to start it in Safe Mode

3. Go up to the word Safari in the Menu Bar at the top and drag down to Preferences

4. Find Privacy in the Tool Bar and click on it.

5.Click on the bar that says Remove All Website Date

6. Quit Safari then launch it again as usual

SWMMUG Meeting

The meeting for the South West Michigan Mac Users Group is this Tuesday, November 1st at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library. Come and learn more about your Mac, iPhone and iPad. We will plan the December Christmas party at this meeting! Last year it was lots of fun! Please come, you won't regret it!
Cool Stuff!
This little $69 1TB hard drive is all you need to save yourself from disaster! Just go get it at Walmart or Walmart.com by clicking on the photo her. Once you have it in your hand, plug it into your Mac, answer yes when your Mac asks you if you want to use it for Time Machine and you're done! I have had several of you lose everything and you know how much I hate to hear you cry!
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