Apple Processing Equipment

For Washing, Dicing, Screening, 
Blanching, IQF Freezing & Packaging 

Apple washing, dicing and screening line, including (4) Urschel model G-A dicers, stainless steel belt conveyors, approximately 50' of flume, Key vibratory dewatering shakers and more. Still installed and in good working condition. 

Apple Processing Items For Sale:

C741712 Blancher, Belt, 5' x 25', S/st, Abco, Triple Pass,
C741728 Caser, Erector, Polybag Inserter, Decuffer, K&R,
C741718 Detector, Metal, 32 X 5, Cintex, S/st, Belt Conveyor,
C741710 Dicer, Urschel, Mdl G-A (4), Washing, Screening, Apples,
C741716 Dumper, Bin, Tote, S/st, Hydraulic, Tilt, Chain Feed,
C741719 Filler, Box, Weigh, Weigh Pack, Type Multi Trix, 2-Lane,
C741729 Filler, Tote, Rice Lake Systems, Mdl. 920i-3A, S/st, ESP,
C741732 Hopper, 75 CF, S/st, 5' x 4' x 3.5', Discharge Auger,
C741730 Palletizer, Pasco, Series 6650, Slip Sheet Inserter,
C741720 Refrig, Compressor, 400 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
C741721 Refrig, Compressor, 350 HP, Frick, Mdl RWBII, Ammonia,
C741723 Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl FXF 30, Ammonia,
C741722 Refrig, Compressor, 60 HP, Frick, Mdl RX24H, Ammonia,
C741707 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 20', S/st, IQF, Cloudy Britton,
C741713 Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 5' X 40', S/st, IQF, Hussman,
C741715 Screen, Rotary, 36 x 60, S/st, Key, Cornell Pump,
C741714 Screen, Rotary, 16 x 26, S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure,
C741717 Sorter, Color, Best, Type Argus, Vibratory Feed Shaker,
C741711 Sorter, Color, Key, Tegra, Infeed & Outfeed Key Shakers,
C741731 Tank, 650 Gallon, C/st, Ammonia Receiver, 300 PSI, MorFab,
C741727 Water Removal System, Reyco, SuperVac, 5 HP, 12/10


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