Newsletter Issue 27 - April 2022


U.S. Appliance Standards: Big Ambition, but Where’s the Sense of Urgency?

ASAP launches federal appliance standards tracker

Rising energy bills, a war that reinforces the costs of an economy dependent on globally traded fossil fuels, the climate crisis—each requires aggressive deployment of proven policies that curb energy waste. Appliance efficiency standards fit the bill, and the Biden administration has big ambitions. But more than a year in, the administration has not acted with the urgency demanded by the president’s ambitions or the needs of the times. 

ASAP has now launched a tracker that will keep tabs on how the administration is doing.


More than 50 U.S. Senators and Representatives Urge Administration to Prioritize Standards

The letter was sent from Senator Shaheen and Representative Welch and 50 cosigners to Energy Secretary Granholm and [then-acting] OMB Director Young.

New ASAP Study: Mercury-Laced Fluorescent Bulbs Should Be Phased Out—LEDs Now More Economical

Fluorescent light bulbs are half as energy efficient as LEDs, do not last as long, and contain mercury. A new report from ASAP/ACEEE found LEDs are now widely available and cost effective, allowing states to end the sale of inefficient, mercury-containing general-purpose fluorescent lamps.

Federal and State Updates
DOE Forrestal.jpg

Check out detailed updates on some of the latest federal appliance standards rulemakings, including for residential boilers, residential dishwashers, microwave ovens, and more.

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States continue taking action on appliance standards in 2022, including Maryland, Washington, New Jersey, and more. A new online compliant-products database has also launched.

In Case You Missed It

ASAP Welcomes New Staff

European Union Ends Sale of Almost All Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Will See Large Mercury and Energy Savings

Asap-Logo-asap only.png

ASAP Steering Committee Welcomes New Members


CLASP Report: Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting: Unnecessary Health Risks And Actionable Solutions


Advocates And Legislators Call For Budget Action To Save New Yorkers $15 Billion, Bring Down Emissions

Newspaper on wooden table

Wall Street Journal quotes ASAP’s Andrew deLaski calling for more urgency from the Biden administration

Gas furnace.jpg

DOE Opens Path to Cut Energy Waste from Gas Furnaces, Water Heaters, Boilers

Dishwasher open _2_.jpg

DOE Ensures Dishwashers, Washers, and Dryers Don’t Guzzle Energy

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International Energy Agency: Appliance standards and labelling is highly effective at reducing energy use

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