October 2016 
Volume 7  
         Issue 25        
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Application Data Sharing
In 2014, Facebook purchased another popular messaging application known as WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a widely used messaging services around the world which attracted Facebook interests, what many did not anticipate was the plans Facebook would have for the application.
Recently, WhatsApp has begun to share its user data with Facebook to improve the messaging services as well as determine advertisement placement and type. This is contrary to the statement Facebook had given publicly when WhatsApp was initially purchased where users data was allegedly going to remain private. 
Information Exchange
Originally there were settings to opt out of sharing information with Facebook prior to accepting new terms and conditions that had been released. Despite opt-out options, it raised a number of concerns regarding what information was being exchanged between the applications and how it would be used.
Data Collection
Germany has recently ordered WhatsApp to cease sharing information with its parent company Facebook as it was deemed to be an infringement of national data protection law. Facebook has also been ordered to delete all information that it has collected from WhatsApp. They argue that Facebook has not obtained a clear approval as Facebook would be required to ask permission in advance to collect such information they seek.  
Officials from India have produced a similar order to WhatsApp to delete all data acquired from users who opted out by September 25, 2016. WhatsApp has responded to this statement originally and would not delete the data, however later retracted that announcement and proceeded to comply with the order. This situation demonstrates how little control users have of what companies do with the information we provide.
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