March 26, 2020

Application Now Available:
COVID-19 Working Capital Assistance Fund


The Adams Economic Alliance is geared up and ready to begin processing applications for the COVID19 Working Capital Access loan program administered by the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA).

This program is available to vulnerable, impacted businesses on a first-come, first-serve basis, through a Certified Economic Development Organization (CEDO). The Alliance is Adams County's designated CEDO.

First, here is a Fact Sheet (click here) to help you determine if this is a viable option for your business.

Secondly, here are the Program Guidelines (click here).

Complete all the documents listed and linked below as separate PDFs.

Complete applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.
Please do not apply with partially-completed materials.

  1. Request for Information
  2. Exhibit A – Company Profile
  3. Exhibit B – Certification of Applicant & Other Entities
  4. Exhibit C – Debt Schedule
  5. Exhibit D – Cash Flow Analysis
  6. Exhibit E – Personal Financial Analysis
  7. W9 with signature

Attach all 7 of the above materials and send to Kaycee Kemper at [email protected] along with:

8. Credit report from anyone having 20% or more ownership 
9. Most recent year end accountant prepared financial statements or most recent filed tax return 
10. If another entity has 20% or more ownership in the applicant company, please provide the most recent year end accountant prepared financial statements or tax return for that entity.
11. Internal financial statements for the past 6 months 

And in the body of your email message please include:

12. Project narrative: Did your business close or reduce operations? If closed, provide date of closure, as well as date resumed (if available); brief description of the adverse financial impact caused to date by COVID19 and a brief description of how the working capital loan proceeds will be used to finance business operations.

We continue to update resources as they become available.

Please visit our Alliance website to follow the latest COVID-19 news related to businesses, straight from Governor Wolf's Office and our Adams County Commissioners. (button below)

Be well,
Robin Fitzpatrick, Alliance President
Kaycee Kemper, Alliance Vice President

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