February 9, 2019
News from DAAD USA
Stay up to date on DAAD's activities in the US - from news about scholarship programs to opportunities for study and research in Germany. Fun facts, tips on living in Germany, and application advice for scholarships included! 
DAAD Programs, Scholarships, and Grants
Call for Applications
Germany Today Tour, June 23rd-28th, 2019

DAAD invites representatives from universities, research institutions, and funding agencies in the United States and Canada to join us for our “Germany Today” Information Tour 201 9 on "Internationalization of Universities in an Increasingly Complex World."  Apply by March 15th, 2019.

Call for Applications
DAAD Postdoctoral Fellows at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University

The Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) is pleased to announce the opportunity for outstanding scholars to conduct research in Washington, D.C. on “The United States, Europe, and World Order.” During the academic year 2019-2020, six post-doctoral fellowships will be awarded for a ten month period. Apply by March 15th, 2019.

UN International Mother Language Day
Diversity and Multilingualism in a Megacity

On February 21st , UN International Mother Language Day, join DWIH NY, University of Cologne New York Office, NYU, and the German Consulate for a workshop and panel discussion on multilingualism in megacities. Explore how to empower mother languages and sustain linguistic diversity. Register here!
In Profile
In Profile
Meet DAAD Alumna Susanne Thelen

In winter 2018, Susanne participated in the DAAD-AICGS Research Fellowship Program and was based at AICGS in Washington, DC. Susanne is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Technology Chemnitz and a member of the State Executive Board of the CDU in Rhineland-Palatinate.

250th Birthday of Alexander von Humboldt
Scientific Achievements
Humboldt Today

Alexander von Humboldt is known as a famous geographer, explorer, naturalist, and more. His notes, research, discoveries, and networking skills have made lasting impacts on the academic and scientific communities worldwide.Share your story about what Alexander von Humboldt means today.

Studying in Germany
Student Living Costs
The Five Most Affordable University Towns

When studying abroad, no matter the length of stay, it is important to take costs into consideration, though this certainly isn't the only significant aspect. Living expenses constitute the largest portion of students' spending on average and rent between university towns in Germany varies. Where do you think students in Germany pay the least for their accommodation?

German Language Skills
German Words Quiz
Christoph Waltz Quizzes Jimmy Fallon's German Skills

On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, German-Austrian actor, voice actor, and director Christoph Waltz turned the tables and quizzed talk show host Jimmy Fallon on the definition of long German words. Do you know what a Bezirksschornsteinfegermeister is?

Winter Wonderland
Winter Across the States in Germany
A Winter Journey

After a few years of below-average snowfall, parts of Germany saw heavy snowfalls in the first month of the new year. Take a look at how the sixteen states fared this winter season.

Seasonal Sports
Winter Sports in Germany

There are many locations in Germany that will enable winter sports enthusiasts to capitalize on the winter weather and abundant snowfall. Here are some suggestions that go beyond your average skiing and ice skating adventures.

Study in Germany

Pursue an Undergraduate Degree in Germany - with guest speakers

Are you interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Germany? Join us on February 11th for an in-depth discussion with our DAAD San Francisco representative about about the German higher education system and studying in Germany. Guest speakers for this interactive webinar will join us from the University of Cologne and UAS7 New York offices to provide an overview of their institutions. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Study in Germany

Pursue a Graduate Degree in Germany - with guest speakers

Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Germany? Join us on February 12th for an in-depth discussion of everything you need to know. Topics will include application requirements, finding the right program, and much more. Guest speakers will join us from the TUM San Francisco office and the German University Alliance's New York office to provide an overview of their institutions. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Study in Germany
Studying in Germany with a US High School Diploma

Are you interested in pursuing a degree in Germany? Most universities have their international candidates apply via uni-assist e.V., the University Application Service for International Students. Join our webinar on February 13th for in-depth and first-hand information from uni-assist e.V. representatives.

Missed out on a webinar? You can find all past webinar presentations and recordings in our archive here .
Application Tip #73
Whom should I be contacting if I want to find out information on requirements for pursuing an undergraduate degree program in Germany?

After researching which programs fit your interests, you should always reach out to the International Office of your chosen higher education institution about whether you meet the requirements, as it is ultimately the higher education institution that decides on your eligiblity .

Fun Fact
Did you know...

that according to Guinness World Records, the narrowest street in the world is in Reutlingen, Germany. It is called Spreuerhofstrasse and is barely over a foot wide at its narrowest point.


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