July 6, 2019
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Important Dates

GAIN Annual Conference 2019
German Science and Career Fair
GAIN19 in San Francisco

Come to GAIN19 in San Francisco from August 23rd-24th! The annual conference and talent fair is the largest German science and research career fair in the US. I t is an ideal place for MA, PhD, and postdoctoral students, as well as junior faculty of all disciplines to learn about academic careers and funding opportunities in Germany. You can connect with representatives from more than 100 German universities, research institutions, and funding agencies, as well as participate in a Startup Pitch and Science Slam . Find out more today!
Science and Innovation
Origin Stories
Ancient Migration Patterns

In 1856, the first bone fragments of the ancient human species Homo neanderthalensis, or Neanderthals, were discovered in Germany. Over 150 years later, a 120,000 Neanderthal bone, also found in Germany, was found to be genetically similar to Neanderthals that roamed Europe tens of thousands of years later, furthering scientists' knowledge of the migration patterns of different human species and their development.

Visiting Germany
Travel Tips
Four Days in Berlin

Planning a stop in Berlin during your long-awaited summer vacation? There are so many sights to see, foods to sample, and experiences to have, so here is one travel guide with suggestions and tips in a sample day-by-day guide. You can follow the guide instructions line-by-line or just use it as inspiration for your incredible journey. Happy travels!
Study in Germany
Webinar Archive

Missed out on a webinar? You can find all past webinar presentations and recordings in our archive here .
Application Tip #93
I have been awarded a DAAD Scholarship. Do I have to organize my own health insurance in Germany?

Scholarship holders and accompanying family members must be covered by health insurance throughout their stay in Germany from their first day in the country. Health insurance coverage in Germany is regulated differently depending on country of origin. You will be informed about the conditions of health insurance and the services provided by the DAAD when you receive the Scholarship Award Letter .

Fun Fact
Did you know...

... that only 9 people live in Hallig Groede, Germany's smallest independent municipality?

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