February 2, 2019
News from DAAD USA
Stay up to date on DAAD's activities in the US - from news about scholarship programs to opportunities for study and research in Germany. Fun facts, tips on living in Germany, and application advice for scholarships included! 
An Invitation Tonight!
A Night of Philosophy and Ideas

On February 2nd, the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City will host a  Night of Philosophy and Ideas featuring top philosophers from around the world. Three DAAD visiting professors will participate , courtesy of DWIH . No registration is necessary for this free event.

DAAD Programs, Scholarships, and Grants
Call for Applications
Germany Today Tour, June 23rd-28th, 2019

Call for Applications
DAAD Postdoctoral Fellows at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University

The Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) is pleased to announce the opportunity for outstanding scholars to conduct research in Washington, D.C. on “The United States, Europe, and World Order.” During the academic year 2019-2020, six post-doctoral fellowships will be awarded for a ten month period. Apply by March 15th, 2019.

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunity
Campus OWL: Director of Liaison Office in New York

Campus OWL is a network of five higher education institutions in East Westphalia-Lippe that will be opening a Liaison Office in New York – closely linked to the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) and DAAD – to promote German-North American higher education cooperation. Apply by February 5th .

Transatlantic Scientific Achievements
Science and Medicine
Advances in Alzheimer's Test

A team of researchers from the United States and Germany has developed a blood test designed to detect Alzheimer's disease before cognitive symptoms appear. This test, much simpler than previous methods used, identified protein level changes almost 16 years before signs of Alzheimer's appeared.

Germany in the Rankings
US News Best Countries
Germany Ranks as Fourth Best Country Overall

U.S. News has ranked the best countries in the world earlier this month and Germany comes in 4th place overall with notably high rankings in areas like entrepreneurship, power, international influence, and green living.

World's Most Innovative Economies
Germany Ranks as Second Most Innovative Country

Germany snagged the silver medal in the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index, narrowly losing the gold to South Korea. Germany ranked highly in factors like manufacturing value-added and high-tech density.

Living in Germany
A German History Mystery
Long Lost Treasure in the Rhine

Everyone dreams of finding a long lost treasure. According to legend, around 1200 AD, the young warrior Siegfried had just acquired a fortune after his latest heroic feat, but was slain by his rival and his riches were lost to the Rhine River. If you believe this epic tale, you can join the hunt for the gold!

International Film Festivals

The Berlin International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious and popular film festivals worldwide, will begin on Thursday, February 7th. Finalists will be seeking a different type of gold - the Golden Bear!

Study in Germany

Pursue an Undergraduate Degree in Germany - with guest speakers

Are you interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Germany? Join us on February 11th for an in-depth discussion with our DAAD San Francisco representative about about the German higher education system and studying in Germany. Guest speakers for this interactive webinar will join us from the University of Cologne and UAS7 New York offices to provide an overview of their institutions. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Study in Germany

Pursue a Graduate Degree in Germany - with guest speakers

Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Germany? Join us on February 12th for an in-depth discussion of everything you need to know. Topics will include application requirements, finding the right program, and much more. Guest speakers will join us from the TUM San Francisco office and the German University Alliance's New York office to provide an overview of their institutions. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Study in Germany
Studying in Germany with a US High School Diploma

Are you interested in pursuing a degree in Germany? Most universities have their international candidates apply via uni-assist e.V., the University Application Service for International Students. Join our webinar on February 13th for in-depth and first-hand information from uni-assist e.V. representatives.

Missed out on a webinar? You can find all past webinar presentations and recordings in our archive here .
Application Tip #72
I applied for the University Summer Course Grant. When should I be hearing back?

Final decisions should be rendered by the end of April.

Fun Fact
Did you know...

... that German has four so called "Dark Sky Places"? The International Dark-Sky Association is a leading organization combating light pollution and advocating for the preservation of the nighttime environment. The International Dark Sky Places conservation program recognizes and promotes excellent stewardship of the sky, so these are areas are optimal for sky- and stargazers.


Register now for the Berlin Summer University of the Arts‘ programme 2019!

Between June and October 2019 the Berlin Career College at the Berlin University of the Arts presents an international workshop programme which addresses artists, advanced students and graduates from all artistic disciplines. Altogether over 30 top-class workshops in the fields of Fine Arts, Design, Music, Performing Arts, Creative Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary Areas invite participants for an international, artistic exchange.

Learn more here.

Study and Internship Programs in Germany (SIP) | February 15 Deadline for Fall Programs!

Graduate and undergraduate students of all fields may apply for Study and Internship Programs (SIP) at one of 7 major German universities of applied sciences (UAS7) in Fall 2019. Some UAS7 travel scholarships are available. Apply by February 15, 2019. For more information and download of the SIP flyer please see www.uas7.org or email info@uas7.org.

Learn more here.
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