Volume 09 | November 2020
Product Application Spotlight
Real-World Applications for Wayside Detection, AEI and Railroad Control Functions
Benefits of Wheel Temperature Scanners
Cold Wheel Monitoring
Southern Technologies Wheel Temperature Scanners measure wheel temperature on all passing rail cars. Data from wheel temperatures can reveal brake defects that manual inspections don't catch. Detector inspections are 42% more likely to accurately find a brake system defect.
Hot Wheels can be Early Warnings

Hot Wheels can be early signs of wheel failure. FRA Statistics show wheel defects to be one of the most costly derailment accidents.(Source: Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis)

Hot Wheels can also cause false Hot Bearing Stops.
When the hand brake is left on, or the car has brake problems, heat is generated in the wheel over time. In extreme cases the heat generated by hot wheels can radiate out into the view of the bearing scanners and cause false hot bearing alarms.
Hot Wheels Burn Money

When hand brakes are left on, the locomotive is effectively dragging the cars down the track. It has been estimated that each car with a hand brake engaged robs the train of up to 25 horsepower and greatly increases fuel consumption. Wheel Temperature Detectors help identify this problem so targeted training can prevent future problems.
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