August 2018
Message From the President

The Board of Directors  feels one of the most important benefits we can provide our members is a website that provides up-to-date information and resources for the practicing ergonomist. With that in mind, I urge you to contact myself, Sandra Sellers, or any of the AES Board Members on Connect to let us know the types of resources/information that would be most valuable for you to be able to access on the website. We are also looking for committee members to help us gather the information and resources people tell us is important to them. If you would like to assist with this committee, please contact Sandra Sellers.
Some of the information that we will be updating on the AES website that will only be accessible to members is the list of standards related to office ergonomics. Besides just standards for North America, the list will now also provide standards for other countries. Since many of our members work for global companies, it is hoped that providing a list of global standards related to office ergonomics will be of benefit to our members.
Please make sure to send any s uggestions and recommendations you may have and consider getting involved by volunteering to help build the Society. We appreciate your efforts to continue to get the word out about the Society by telling your friends and colleagues about AES.
As August comes to a close, I hope everyone can look back on a summer that was filled with time spent with family and friends.
Teresa A. Bellingar, AES President
New Ergonomics Tool to Assess Push/Pull Tasks Now Available

The pushing and pulling of carts, baskets, and other  containers is a common activity performed across many industries. In fact, manual materials handling tasks appear to be shifting away from lifting and towards pushing and pulling, and it has been estimated that up to 20% of low-back disorders are linked to push/pull activities.

Until recently, guidelines for safe pushing and pulling frequently used by practitioners were developed using subjective methods, which may underestimate injury risk to the lower back and shoulders. Now, guidelines have been developed based on biomechanical tolerances, using sophisticated modeling techniques. These limits are based on research funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and conducted by The Ohio State University's Spine Research Institute,

The guidelines are accessible free online Users can evaluate pushing and pulling activities that are done with one or two hands, as well as those performed along a straight or a curved path. The only equipment needed to use this tool is a tape measure and a force gauge. Results are provided using a "red/yellow/green" format, indicating the percentage of the workforce (less than 50%, 50-80%, at least 80%) that is believed would be protected from injury performing the task, given the inputs entered.

Ergo Cup® Submissions - NEW for 2019

As a picture is often worth a thousand words, you now have the option to submit  Before & After PHOTOS of your Ergo Cup® entry. The photos must be converted to a PDF document that is a maximum of 2 pages in length and no more than 10 MB.
The application deadline is Oct. 26. and the  Ergo Cup Finalists will be notified Dec. 7.
AES Member Spotlight - Faye Fick

Faye Fick is owner of Worksite Therapies & Consultation, located in Virginville, P ennsylvania. For over 20 years, she has provided consulting services across a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals and the manufacturing of metals, plastics, and medical devices. These services include the development of injury prevention, training, and implementation programs, ergonomics assessments across manufacturing and office environments, job & task analyses, and return-to-work programs.

One of Faye's proudest achievements was the creation of a unique applied learning center that was created under her direction for a manufacturing client. It focused overall on safety but emphasized ergonomics. Company employees who participated in the center found it to be very helpful in their jobs.

Faye is a life-long learner, both professionally and personally. From her membership in AES, she hopes to expand both her knowledge and skills, as well as expand her professional network.

If you are just entering the ergonomics or consulting profession, Faye suggests patience, both with yourself and with your clients. Because ergonomics is such a broad field, she has found that it takes time to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be effective. She also advises that some clients may perceive ergonomics as a "soft science," often because it is overshadowed by more-regulated safety programs.

Faye and her husband have a certified therapy dog, Coco. They enjoy taking her on trips for "meet and greet" visits and have met many wonderful people doing this!
Virtual Career Fair Coming soon - September 26th

Grow your network and get leads for open job positions at the  IISE Student Virtual Career Fair on Sept.26. IISE student members can upload their resumés, browse current job openings with leading employers and chat one-on-one with recruiters to advance their job search. IISE professional members  can host a booth for their organization and connect immediately with interested, talented students who are actively seeking job opportunities in the field. Mark your calendars and register for the  IISE Student Virtual Career Fair  today! Are you an  IISE Corporate Partner ?  Your organization may get a free booth at the IISE Student Virtual Career Fair!
Share Your Knowledge at the 2019 Applied Ergonomics Conference

Abstracts can now be submitted for next year's    Applied Ergonomics Conference  as it makes its way to the Big Easy on  March 25-28, 2019.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to present your ergonomics findings, solutions, and expertise with other practitioners from around the world.

The specific educational tracks of the 2019 conference include:
  • Advancements in Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics In Action
  • Ergonomics in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)
  • Ergonomics Programs
  • Master Track
  • Multi-Skilled Ergonomics Practitioners
  • Office Ergonomics Programs and Applications
  • Posters 

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