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Apply Now for Above Curb Patios Through the Outdoor Places Program

Patrons seated on an outdoor patio in the tree lawn

Thanks to feedback from stakeholder communities, the city has released final program requirements for Above Curb patios in the right of way (located on sidewalks or tree lawns). These updated requirements respond to feedback received by: 

  • Adding additional user-friendly graphics to make the regulations more clear
  • Clarifying the specific elements of a patio's design that would trigger review by various city departments
  • Further emphasizing accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Clarifying the review process

Business owners with Above Curb patios currently in the temporary program, and business owners who would like to build a new Above Curb patio, can now apply for a permit under the permanent Outdoor Places Program using these standards. Please note that the program requirements differ from those of the temporary program, so business owners should read these requirements carefully. The Outdoor Places Program replaces the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure's Tables, Chairs & Railings (TCR) program. Detailed application instructions are available on the project webpage.

Read the Above Curb Program Requirements
Apply Now

The temporary program ends April 30, 2023 for above curb patios at which point business owners should be transitioning into the permanent Outdoor Places program.

Draft Program Requirements for Patios on Private Property Available for Public Review

A patio on private property

The city has also released draft Outdoor Places Program requirements for outdoor patios on private property. These program requirements:

  • Prioritize flexibility, including removing the requirements that a patio be contiguous to the primary use and be delineated with vertical elements like railings or walls
  • Allow for more creativity in patio design
  • Provide a streamlined application process to save time for business owners
  • Allow for businesses other than restaurants and bars to provide outdoor gathering spaces
Read More in the Draft Strategy Report
Read the Draft Text Amendment
View the Draft Design Guidelines

Share Your Thoughts

Public comment on the draft Private Property requirements will be accepted through Monday, March 27. There are multiple ways for you to provide public comment and ask questions. Feedback received will be used to further refine the draft requirements before they move through the legislative process later this spring.

Submit a comment or question via the project comment form

You can submit a comment or question any time via the project comment form.

Attend the Virtual Community Meeting March 16

Join Denver Community Planning and Development and Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for a virtual community meeting on the Outdoor Places Program on March 16. The project team will provide a project overview, discuss the draft program requirements for outdoor patios on private property, and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Virtual Community Meeting

5:30 - 7:00 p.m., Thursday, March 16

Virtual meeting via Zoom

View event page for complete details

Attend Upcoming Office Hours

The city will be hosting office hours where you can speak to the Outdoor Places Program administrator and project manager one-on-one. Sign up for office hours.

What's Next?

The draft requirements proposed require amendments to the Denver Zoning Code to be implemented. Feedback will be collected at multiple stages during the legislative review process.

Concurrently, the project will begin to develop draft program requirements for Below Curb patios.

Where is my patio located?

An outdoor patio with colorful umbrellas

"Above curb" patios are patios that are located in the public right-of-way but do not occupy on-street parking or vehicle travel lanes.

"Below curb" patios are patios where any portion is located in on-street parking or vehicle travel lanes. 

Private Property patios are patios located completely on private property.

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Raised tables and umbrellas adjacent to a public sidewalk

Help create the permanent Outdoor Places Program

The driving objective is to facilitate safe, well designed, privately maintained outdoor spaces that enhance the public realm for everyone. Through appropriate safety and mobility guidelines and a coordinated permit process, the Outdoor Places Program will offer greater flexibility for unique and enjoyable outdoor activities. 

Learn more
outdoor dining in the public right of way along Tennyson St

Changing your floor plan?

Please be aware that any liquor-licensed premise modifying an existing floor plan must submit a "modification of premises" application with the Department of Excise and Licenses. There are two types of modification of premises: temporary and permanent. The expiration date for a temporary modification of premises will vary and is tied to the date the liquor license expires. Instructions on how to submit an application, required documents, inspections, and fees are available on the modification of premises webpage below. 

Modification of premises

Thank you for reading! Visit us online at or Outdoor Places Program.

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