Power Lines E-Newsletter
Issue #157, February 2018

How Cold Weather Affects Power Bills

The biggest contributor to high bills in the winter is the cold weather. When it's colder outside, it takes more power to heat your home - even if you don't raise the thermostat.
A lack of proper insulation, air leaks, and the use of portable heaters can also affect your bill.

Apply for Our Utility Engineering Internship

We are accepting applications for our Utility Engineering Internship Program. The program offers engineering students a chance to learn about utility careers through direct work experience.
We plan to hire one summer intern this year. 
Applications are due by 5:30 p.m. on March 1. 
Photo by Tammy Long
Enter the 2019 PUD Calendar Photo Contest

You are invited to enter our 2019 Calendar Photo Contest. The calendar features scenic photos of Columbia County.

Go Ductless to Cut Energy Costs

When her furnace quit working, Toni decided to install a new system that would heat and cool her Scappoose home. She had heard that ductless heat pumps were more efficient, and would cost less in energy usage.
Two years later, she's found that to be true. She's saving about 40% on her heating costs since switching to a ductless system. 
"It does what it's supposed to do. The bill isn't as high any more," Toni says.
In addition to savings, we offer rebates ranging from $400-$1,200. See if a ductless heat pump is right for you.  
Pay the Same Amount Year-Round

Want to avoid surprises with your monthly power bill?  Sign up for Budget Pay and you'll pay the same amount, year-round.

Let Us Trim Trees Near Power Lines

If you see trees growing into the overhead wires that deliver power to your house, please let us know. 
Do not trim trees or branches near your service line. Doing so puts you at risk for deadly shock.