This event series is for  senior women VCs & 
experienced senior level women entrepreneurs ONLY
This event series will:
~ Be limited to no more than 12 on-site attendees
~ Have limited video participation 
~ Occur for 12 consecutive months
~ Not be open to join or attend after the initial roster is finalized
  PART I: 
Jan 23

Unique and Differentiated Strategy
Feb 15

Track Record

Mar 21

Identifying and Engaging with LPs
Apr 17

Due Diligence
Negotiating Terms
June 19

First Close and Beyond
 Moderator: Ghia Griarte, Managing Partner, Ponte Partners
Location: DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP305 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, CA

Video conference participation also available.
Many of you are well qualified to attend this event; however, our space is limited.  We will inform you of your admission by email. If we are unable to accommodate you in these upcoming sessions, we will put you on our waitlist for future fundraising sessions and your registration & processing fees will be returned.

Dorsey's lawyers and staff can help you gain that edge by applying superb legal knowledge and skills with practical wisdom and a deep understanding of your business and industry.

We serve clients in nearly all industries, but focus on six industries in which we have great depth and a history of achieving client success. Our banking, energy, food and agribusiness, health care, mining and natural resources and public-private partnerships industry groups help coordinate our teams serving these industries across geographies and practice areas, keeping them at the cutting edge of industry needs and trends and sharing collective experience and expertise.

With locations across the United States and in Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, we provide an integrated, proactive approach to our clients' legal and business needs around the globe.
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