July 2018
The Institute for Muslim Civic Leadership (IMCL) is an initiative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, a Georgia based premier leadership and outreach organization. The vision of IMCL is to develop the skills of leaders between the ages of 25 to 40 in Georgia through taking assessment, collaborating on projects, attending workshops, panel discussions, and much more. The program is designed with a deep understanding of the communities' needs and a road map of greater skills development.

Registration is now open. Class size is limited. The deadline is August 10th.
For  more details on IMCL curriculum, eligibility, the application process and selection, our calendar, and class schedule, please click  here.

"We are very excited about IMCL and the feedback we received has been very positive from the community."  Mr. Tariq Abdul Haqq - co-lead of IMCL. 

"The reactions we are receiving and the commitments from the wider community is outstanding. We are very grateful to Kennesaw State University and Dr. Lance  R. Askildson, Vice-Provost and Chief International Officer at Kennesaw State University,  for hosting IMCL. Our trainers are experts in their fields and train for Fortune 100 companies. They are leaders in communities. " Soumaya Khalifa, Executive Director ISB and Co-Lead of IMCL.

Please read about us in Atlanta Muslim here. If you have any questions, please email  [email protected].