Wednesday, July 24 to Sunday, July 28, 2019
Southern Indiana

(Application Deadline is January 13, 2019)
What Is "Journey Beyond?"

It's Advanced Work In Understanding the Masculine Self

Journ ey Beyond is 
  • an advanced-level, 4-day, 4-night, experiential program of self-discovery and healing
for men who have 
Unlike Journey Into Manhood, Journey Beyond is NOT filled on a first-come, first-served basis . Instead, potential participants  need to apply and be approved by leaders of Brothers Road. 

This is to ensure that Journey Beyond participants are well prepared for such an intense self-discovery experience, and t hat they have significant follow-up support resources in place to help them continue their work after their JB experience. 

It's Exploring the Masculine Archetypes Within You

Journe y Beyond builds on principles taught in Journey Into Manhood (M.A.N.S.) and Journey Continues (living for a higher purpose, living in your Gold).  Then it takes men deeper into the masculine archetypes of KingWarrior, Magician, and Lover -- in both their Golden states and Shadow poles. 

It's a Return to Boyhood ... and Your Growth Into Manhood

Journey Beyond takes men back to the innocence of their newborn selves, onto the adventures of boyhood, the yearnings and wounds of youth, and then to emerging manhood -- in all its Shadow and Gold.

It's a chance to reframe the entire narrative of your life, from a story of brokenness to a true hero's journey.

It's Accepting Your Male Body, Just As It Is 

Journey Beyond gives you opportunities to explore internal conflicts you may have over your (imperfect) male body.

You'll be invited to release any body shame you may experience, or to challenge any obsessions you might have over what the ideal male body is supposed to look like.

Experiential processes are designed to help you lessen your sexual responses (if any) to other men by embracing your similarities and owning your natural inclusion in the world of men, rather than emphasizing your perceived differences or claiming an "outsider" status.
It's Facing Your Shadows Around the Feminine

Journey Beyond challenges your stories about women and the feminine.  It gives you opportunities to heal old wounds. To grieve old hurts. To release unfinished anger. And perhaps to start anew. 

Who do you become in the presence of the feminine? Are you the grounded, complete man you want to be in relationship to women -- or do you become something less?  You'll explore these questions and more at Journey Beyond.

It's a Quest for Greater Purpose, and Service to a Higher Cause

The central legend of Journey Beyond is much more involved than the Journey Into Manhood story of Jack and the Beanstalk or the Journey Continues story of Young King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

The Journey Beyond legend is the medieval story of Parsifal the Fool, in his naive pursuit of knighthood in King Arthur's court and his search for the Grail Castle. It is about bringing healing to the Wounded Fisher King, and thus the entire kingdom, by asking a specific question at a specific moment. 

It is about finding ultimate fulfillment by serving a cause far greater than self.

Are you ready for the Journey?

Dates to Remember

January 13, 2019  -- Deadline to apply

March 1, 2019 -- Brothers Road begins sending out invitations, waiting list notices, and "not this time" notices.

May 1, 2019 -- Deadline for invited journeyers to pay deposit of at least US$350 deposit. (This confirms your space.)

June 24, 2019 -- Deadline to pay the remaining US$645 (total of US$995, including deposit)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 2 p.m. -- Journeyer arrival time

Sunday, July 28, 2019,  9 a.m. -- Journeyer departure time

What the Fee Covers

The fee for Journey Beyond is US$995. The payment is due in full by June 24, 2019, but a deposit of at least US$350 is due by May 1 (see above). If you apply and are approved and invited, you will be sent a payment link at that time.

The fee covers the full program (over 35 program hours over the 4 days), 4 nights at the camp, and 11 meals (dinner Wednesday through breakfast Sunday). 

The program is residential -- you'll stay on site from your arrival early Wednesday afternoon until you leave Sunday morning. The accommodations are basic -- camp cabins with bunk beds and separate shower houses.

The fee does NOT cover your transportation to the camp in Indiana.

Where Is It?

We have exclusive use of a church camp in southern Indiana that is about equal distance between the Indianapolis Airport and the Louisville, Kentucky airport -- about a 90 minute drive from either airport.

Rich Wyler at  1-434-227-9346  or

or Tim Semler at 1-434-299-8696 or