We are now accepting applications
for our volunteer
Community Advisory Council
Here is your chance to get involved with your local clean energy provider, and have a seat at the table!

Earlier this month at the Monterey Bay Community Power Policy Board meeting, a unanimous vote was reached in support of creating a Community Advisory Council comprised of members from the public. The Council will be formed by, and serves as, an advisory body to the MBCP Board(s). The motion to form a Community Advisory Council (CAC) is representative of feedback we received from our community, as well as MBCP’s commitment to acknowledge and address the unique needs within our diverse Tri-County region.

The CAC will be tasked with providing feedback and input to uphold MBCP’s goals to maximize greenhouse gas reduction, stabilize and reduce customer rates and costs, and invest in local energy projects and programs. Maintaining these commitments will also allow MBCP to make good on one of our foundational goals; keeping surplus revenues local by reinvesting them in our community.

The application process for seats on the CAC is now underway and members of the business, agriculture, hospitality, environmental, and residential communities have been some of the first to apply. Eleven qualified CAC members who best represent the diversity of the Tri-County region will be selected. A subcommittee made up of County Supervisors from Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties will identify top candidates, after which members of the MBCP Policy Board will vote to determine the final selection.

As a public agency committed to transparency and inclusivity, a unanimous decision in support of the Community Advisory Council was a victory for everyone involved. 

The CAC application form can be found HERE
Applications are due April 30, 2018 .
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