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Now is the time to take some steps for a healthy green lawn all year!

Rake up debris and such as well as lightly loosen the soil if you plan on seeding.

Top Dress every 2 or 3 years to add nutrients to your soil which encourages healthy roots. Use triple mix or top soil and rake out evenly to a depth of ¼” - ½”.

- Overseed to create a thicker lawn. Follow the rate application of your purchased seed. Do not cover the seed but press it firmly into the soil and then water well. Thicker lawns discourage weeds from taking hold!

- Fertilize your lawn late spring with a lawn food high in nitrogen. This gives your lawn that boost and deep green healthy colour. Always apply at the rate the product label recommends. Over fertilizing can burn your lawn.

- Aerating your lawns will loosen compacted soil and give the roots access to air, moisture and nutrients.

- Apply grub control in mid to late May when the soil has warmed up to 15ºC and grubs are actively feeding. Whether you use nematodes or Grub-B-Gon, wet the soil before applying and make sure to keep constantly moist for 2-3 weeks.

TIP: Try and time your overseeding with a forecasted rainfall to save on watering!

TIP: You can apply seed to your lawn immediately after fertilizer has been put down. It's important that you DO NOT use a fertilizer that has a weed inhibitor (corn gluten) in it if you are also seeding. You must wait 5 – 6 weeks after applying a weed inhibitor before seeding.

TIP: Mow your lawn at a high setting to discourage insects and to shade the roots.

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