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It's time for Dormant Oil spray

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Early spring is the best time to apply dormant oil to fruit trees and other deciduous plants to help control insects and fungal diseases that overwinter in the bark. It is particularly effective on scale and mites but can also be used on the egg masses of gypsy moth if you can’t reach them to scrape them off. It works by coating the eggs of the insects, thereby smothering them and is considered safe for more beneficial insects as well as animals and people once dry.

You will want to spray your trees before the buds break open, on a dry, wind-free day where the temps are going be above freezing for at least 24 hours. Do not apply if the buds are already opening and make sure to move or cover any nearby plants that might be affected by overspray. Do not use dormant oil on maple, black walnut, spruce, cedar, juniper, smoke bush or redbud trees.

Mix the product according to the manufacturers directions and pour into a sprayer. Coat branches thoroughly until they are dripping wet.

Kits and a variety of sprayers are available in-store.

Show your succulents some love...

So you loaded up on succulents from our sale and now you want to know how to take care of them? No problem, we got you – just follow these tips:

  • Water only when soil is completely dry, generally once a week.

  • Spiky types like gasteria and haworthia can tolerate low light but will grow better in bright light. Rosette types like echeveria will be happiest in full sun.

  • Succulents are happy in small pots but if you do repot, use cactus soil for better drainage.

  • Always use a pot with drainage holes. Putting rocks in the bottom won’t really help – that’s a myth.

  • Succulents do not thrive in terrariums, use those for plants who prefer high humidity and moist soil.

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Some like it COLD!

Pansies are the perfect early spring plant because of their cold tolerance! They can withstand chilly weather, down to -2°C without protection.

Plus they look so happy with their cheerful "faces" and pretty colours - who can resist?

We have lots to choose from:

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