Upcoming Campus Events
  • JJMS Rock the Halls Benefit Concert May 10
  • KLSD Special Voter Registration May 11
  • MPES PTA Meeting and Budget Presentation May 14
  • JJHS Choral and Music Tech Concert May 14
  • IMES 5th Grade Play "Willy Wonka" May 15
  • JJHS PTA Meeting and Budget Presentation May 15
  • JJHS Band Concert May 16
  • KES 5th Grade Variety Show May 17
  • JJMS Band Concert May 20
  • KLSD Budget Vote and Board of Education Election May 21
School will not be in session for students on Friday, May 24, and Tuesday, May 28, assuming there is no reason to cancel a day of school prior to the Memorial Day weekend. These are Weather Reserve Days the District has not yet had to use. For information about the 2019-20 School Calendar, click here .
IMES Second Graders Become Butterfly Experts
There are butterfly chrysalis--the third stage of butterfly metamorphosis-- in Increase Miller's second grade classrooms! Soon, adult butterflies will emerge and the students will release them in the school's courtyard.

An environmental educator from BOCES visited to show the students the wide variety of butterflies and explore adaptations including camouflage, warning colors, odor, and prickly hairs.
KES Students Explore the World of Drumming with John Arrucci
Students at KES explored how percussion traditions travel around the world with visiting artist John Arrucci. Among the drums he demonstrated were the tabla, from India, steelpans originating from Trinidad, cuíca, from Brazil, imbiere and shekera—two African gourd drums, and conga, with origins in Africa and Cuba.

“Drums were created out of everyday items," Arrucci explained. "People used gourds, animal skins, barrels, and boxes."
MPES Kindergarteners Craft Persuasive Letters and Petitions
What happened when a kindergartener wrote to Mike Jumper, KLSD's Assistant Superintendent for Business, about putting a roof over her school’s playground? He wrote back and suggested the roof might be made of solar panels.

That inspired a class-wide inquiry into solar energy that included Mr. Jumper visiting to talk to the students about their ideas.

Seventh Graders Play with Design
Seventh graders in Melissa Brady's Home and Careers class have been innovating items like shoes with removable heels so that Super Girl can run, a portable battery pack so that a robot can keep going, and mitt restraints for a werewolf who doesn't want to hurt people.

Teams used empathy and collaboration to come up with the inventions--key steps in the Design Process.

Environmental Physics Students Design Passive Solar Homes
The possibility of a home heated by sunshine without the aid of pumps, fans, or solar panels was a surprising discovery for students in Jim Panzer’s Environmental Physics class.

Through the Passive Solar House project, students became well versed in design essentials including southern-facing windows, thermal storage, and R-value.

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