June 2016
10 ERS resources to support your Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant application

These ERS tools and resources can support LEAs and SEAs as they prepare applications for the July 15 deadline . Our resources align with three key focus areas of the FY 2016 TIF grant application: human capital management systems, teacher compensation, and the equitable distribution of teacher talent. 

Highlights include: 

Do you have an ERS Tools Account?
Summer can be a great time to invest in learning new tools for next year's budgeting and school planning processes.  By creating a free, quick, ERS Tools Account, you can make the most of tools like School Budget Hold'em, Resource Check, School Designer, and DREAM and be able to:
  • Save your work
  • Share and compare your results
  • Get updates about ERS tools
  • Access exclusive tools and resources
  • Connect with district leaders

Because our students need more than a few great schools.

The call for increasing the rigor of instruction for all students, especially lower-income students and students of color, requires restructuring school systems. School System 20/20 is our vision for transforming school systems so every school succeeds for every student because of the system - not in spite of it.



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