December 13, 2019
Unwinding Financial Fraud; Uncovering Potential Risk
Q: What's the #1 lesson learned over 40 years of providing financial due diligence, litigation support, forensic accounting and workouts/restructuring services?

A: Fraud happens in both good and bad economies. Runner-up answer: The private capital markets never rest.

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What have you been working on?
SEC Halts Fraud Targeting Vietnamese-American Community
The SEC obtained an emergency court order freezing assets of a Santa Ana, California-based company and its founder, who allegedly carried out an ongoing fraud raising millions from at least 80 Vietnamese-American investors. The defendant falsely presented himself as an experienced former Wall Street banker, and failed to disclose that he was a convicted felon, including once for a prior investment scam.

The SEC appointed Brandlin to be the Receiver of the business in June 2019.
Scrubbing Financials before Private Capital Firms Invest
$110MM Senior Secured
2nd Lien Term Loan

A direct lender had agreed to lend growth capital to a fashion business with a subscription-based online product and stores in key markets.
Brandlin performed a Quality of Earnings study and the deal funded
$15MM Term Loan

A specialty finance company and a regional bank had agreed to provide working capital to a diversified media and technology company.
Brandlin performed a Desk Top Review
of the borrower's financials and
the deal funded
$11MM Asset Purchase
by Private Equity Firm

A private equity firm had an LOI to acquire a manufacturing company as an add-on for an existing portfolio company.
Brandlin completed pre-investment due diligence and issued Quality of Earnings report within 2.5 weeks
Helping Private Capital Firms When Investments go Upside-Down
$25MM Term Loan at Risk due to
Borrower's Unpaid Sales Taxes

A direct lender provided capital to an online subscription-based retailer . Less than a year later, the borrower filed bankruptcy and it was discovered the founder had failed to pay collected sales tax.
Brandlin completed a forensic investigation of the unpaid sales taxes and identified multiple sources of recovery within 2 weeks
$9MM Term Loan at Risk
after Interest Payment Default

A private investment firm provided a term loan to a data technology research and marketing company with a pay-per-click revenue model. The borrower's cash flow was severely hampered and it defaulted on its interest payments when Google implemented anti-spam technology.
Brandlin completed a forensic investigation into its owner's expenses and to assess the business's viability
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