Through Appreciating Earth I foster environmental awareness, scientific knowledge, & planetary appreciation. We all consciously & unconsciously change the environment through our actions. Earth education helps us understand how we impact our planet.
´╗┐Awareness is a prelude to respect, projected into the world as appreciation.
Join me on Friday, February 26th at 1:00pm for a SSU Center for Environmental Inquiry FREE presentation. The interactive virtual talk is entitled Local Nature: The Rock Beneath Your Feet. I will be focusing on identifying the rocks around & beneath you using an app, and learning how to interpret the app rock information to understand the geologic evolution recorded beneath your feet. Sign Up!
Focus: the intersection of science, time, yoga & nature

Focus is an experience of convergence, our attention trained on a single point of interest, the center of energetic expenditure. Focus is a necessity of scientific endeavors, an objective of yoga, a gift of nature, & discipline of time. But how often do we really feel focused? Too often we experience a lack of clarity, the antithesis of focus, & the more stressed we are over long spans of time, the harder it is to focus.

Science has delved into the ways that the body & mind react to stress, and what we can do to relieve stress and regain calm focus. We all instinctively know that we feel more tense and hyper-alert when our environment is seemingly unsafe. The sounds of sirens, the smell of trash, a sense of being unprotected can create a state of anxiety that causes the sympathetic nervous system to react with fight or flight - stress hormones are released, increased heart & breath rate, muscle tension, and hyper-alertness. If the danger is real & present, this reaction can drive us to preserve our life and on
Nature Focuses the Mind
Scientific studies verify that time in nature increases your mental concentration and allows the mind to focus on this moment...
Friday, March 5th 12pm-2pm
$35/person paid online at time of reservation
5 people max (to accommodate masked social distance)
Membership is free & required to participate. Sign up at
Exercise Focuses the Mind
Regular exercise helps you concentrate & can even reverse memory loss. Movement is so beneficial that there is no reason not to move when you can & in ways that bring you joy & body comfort. How can you bring more movement into your day so you can focus your mind & increase your attention span..and feel more inspired to move more often.
Mondays 4:30-5:30pm Core Engagement Challenge - a full body core & strength training class with precise movements & deep engagement

Mondays 6:00-7:00pm Mindful Movement - a time to focus on body balancing and awareness, a meditative experience to finding your center & increase your body comfort

Wednesdays 5:45pm Core Engagement Foundations - an introduction to full body core & strength training with strong foundation & precise but adaptable movements
Tuesdays 6-7pm Core Stability - find stability in your body from core to foundation through focused anatomical alignment & muscle building movements

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm Alignment Based Deep Vinyasa Yoga - slow Yoga flow with a strong focus on anatomical alignment, breath, & finding stability while developing flexibility & strength
Preparedness Focuses the Mind
When a disaster occurs, you rely on the prep work you did previously to focus your mind and make use of the time you have. As adrenaline flows & concentration becomes difficult, you have to rely on skills you have already acquired. So practice the actions you will want to take during an emergency, because your ability to focus in a moment of chaos is the product of your preparedness efforts prior to that event.
Disaster Prep Step #3´╗┐
Step #1 pack your go bag, step #2 make an evacuation plan, step #3 practice your emergency plan. What will you grab first? What are your priorities? If you only have 3 minutes, what can you do with that time? Make these decisions now, because if you only have 3 minutes you will not have enough time to think about it, you will only have time to act on plans you have already made. If you feel too overwhelmed to focus on this step, book a 30-minute Natural Disaster Preparedness Consult with Nicole