Through Appreciating Earth I foster environmental awareness, scientific knowledge, & planetary appreciation. We all consciously & unconsciously change the environment, Earth education helps us understand how we impact our planet.
Awareness is a prelude to respect, projected into the world as appreciation
Earth's Trip Around the Sun
Today is the Vernal Equinox!
The equinox is one of the oldest solar celebrations in human history. Some cultures have been celebrating the official start of Spring for more than 3000 years, proof that knowledge of solar (Sun) cycles precedes modern day science...On the Vernal (spring) Equinox (Saturday, March 20th, 2021) the sun is directly overhead, if you are standing on the equator. Those of us north of the equator are already enjoying longer days than nights...While the northern hemisphere summer approaches, Earth is also moving further away from the sun.....READ MORE
Nature Revives the Mind
The first Tolay Lake Geology Walk was awesome, so upon request I am offering an encore! Take a nature break & learn about time, rocks, & evolution in Petaluma, CA & the Sonoma County region
Friday, March 26th 12pm-2pm
$35/person paid online to reserve
5 people max (to respect masked social distancing)
Spring OLLI Class! Join me on Mondays April 12th - May 17th at 1:00-3:00pm for a Virtual Volcanic Cataclysms educational tour through deep time!
I will be presenting six 2-hour lectures focused on the volcanic history of planet Earth. If you are 50 years of age or better, join me for a journey through deep time to understand how our planet began as a ball of molten magma and continues to evolve & cool through volcanism. We will explore the volcanic events that changed the course of biological evolution, cataclysmic days that ended human civilizations, events that began ice ages, and how volcanic rocks are key to the stability of human civilization. Join me as I reveal the story of a volcanic planet.
If you missed one of my recent zoom geology talks, no worries they are all available via video & posted on my website to watch when you wish...
Exercise Revives the Body
Join me via zoom for anatomy focused movement classes. Strengthen your bones & muscles through precise movements, increase flexibility safely, deepen your breath & improve your posture.
Preparedness Revives Reassurance
Practice preparedness skills you need to interact with the environment at its most chaotic. What do you need to do feel less anxious about, & more aware of, natural disasters?
Step #1 pack your go bag
Step #2 make an evacuation plan
Step #3 practice your emergency plan
Step #4 create a comprehensive packing list.
Once you become aware of the threat & have taken the initial steps to prepare to evacuate quickly if necessary, slow down & use the time you have wisely. You may not need to evacuate in that moment, or at all, but if you will have evacuate soon what do you want to bring with you? Create a packing list of the things that are most important to you. Your go bag has the essentials + a list of the high priority items for a quick evacuation, but this more comprehensive list includes all the things you can fit in your vehicle safely. This list is very personal & may include clothes, pictures, medications, jewelry, art, etc. Anything that you would regret leaving behind if you had the time to pack it. When stress levels are high, our memory is less reliable, so use near future low stress moments to plan, prepare & consider what items are important to you. You won't have to rely on you memory if you have list.