Through Appreciating Earth I foster environmental awareness, scientific knowledge, & planetary appreciation. We all consciously & unconsciously change the environment through our actions. Earth education helps us understand how we impact our planet.
Awareness is a prelude to respect, projected into the world as appreciation.
Appreciating Earth with Nicole!
On this Labor Day, my labor of love Appreciating Earth website is live! I am offering nature excursions, science education, fitness, & Yoga outside of the academic environment. I hope you will join me. Peruse my website & become an Appreciating Earth member - membership is free, but I can only offer excursions & classes to members for legal reasons. Click on "Appreciating Earth Member Log In" on the website and "Sign Up" to become a member. If you have questions, fill out my website contact form or send me an email. While you are at, check out the videos & information about geology, deep time, climate, natural disasters, & related areas of interest.
WildFire Today Atlas Archives
Join me 1-2pm on Wednesday, September 16th for a Virtual Sonoma County Wildfires & Earthquakes Presentation
I will be presenting a FREE 1 hour virtual deep dive into the connections between earthquake & wildfire patterns, and how they unveil the ongoing geologic & climatic evolution of Sonoma County. This opportunity is available through the Center for Environmental Inquiry of Sonoma State University. I will lead you on a virtual tour through the history of earthquakes in Sonoma County and how they have created the topography. In turn, topography plays an important role in the paths that wildfires follow. This presentation is intended for geo-beginners and self-proclaimed-geology nerds alike, and will provide insight into the natural disasters that have both created & destroyed the natural beauty we enjoy. We can use our knowledge of past natural events to help us prepare for earthquakes and wildfires that will continue to occur in the future, as the landscape continues to evolve. Register through the Center for Environmental Inquiry website.
Iceland is a volcano on steroids. Not only is it the highest peak of the longest mountain chain on Earth (the mid-Atlantic ridge), it is also a volcanic hot spot. This volcanic island is building up as deep sources of magma rise from great depths and erupt on to Earth's surface. At the same time Iceland is being torn apart as the..READ MORE
Go Bags & Breath:
The present is the key to the past and the path to the future…so we all need to be prepared for future natural disasters. Take time in the present to focus on how you want to react in a future stressful moment. Too many of us once again experienced the dread of a natural disaster in progress, too close to home. In those first few moments when you realize that a disaster is unfolding, do you feel prepared to enact the plan you have in place? Too many are not prepared & do not have a plan. If you are prepared your plan might look something like this...READ MORE

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Don't Stop Moving!
The vast majority of us are more physically stagnate now than we were a year ago, & the compounding effects are taking their toll on or bodies & our minds. Not moving consistently, affects the integrity of our muscles & joints, the endurance of our cardiovascular system, the stability of our mind, & the strength of our immune system. Both virtual & in-person classes are on fitness & Yoga studio schedules, so you can choose how you maintain your health & stay connected to a community while sheltering in place or joining in-person socially distanced classes.
Yes, this was in my previous newsletter, and the ones before that, and if you haven't downloaded this app yet, do it now. Prepare before the seismic disaster strikes. California has a new earthquake early warning system in the form of an app named MyShake. This is one of the only apps on my phone that I allow to use my location even when the app is not in use. When an earthquake occurs in California, the MyShake network will send out a warning through the app. In the best case scenario we may have a few seconds to a few minutes to take cover and hopefully ride out the earthquake safely. California and much of the Western US is earthquake country, so we must be prepared to experience and survive the inevitable earthquake. Any warning is better than no warning at all.