Quotidian miracles: what we now have time to appreciate

Renewing a sense of wonder and awe in the world God created

Pictured: Quote "Faith doesn't make sense. It makes miracles" is printed over a background of the forest
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 28, 2020

I regard faxes as sort of a minor miracle. You dial a phone number, your paper disappears, the fax machine makes a racket, and somehow it magically, instantly, perfectly PRINTS OUT THE SAME THING IN MICHIGAN??

Emails I can make sense of - all kinds of digital data can be communicated through fiber optic cables and satellites and whatnot. But how on earth can something as technologically ancient as an analog phone line reliably send an exact replica of my paper across the world in an instant?

It makes me wonder what other quotidian miracles God has given us that we miss simply because we've seen them so often we take them for granted, with a saddening loss of wonder and awe we're unaware is even gone. Like they say, familiarity breeds indifference.

Being stuck at home can either lead us to depression and despair, or offer us an opportunity to look more closely at the world with new eyes filled with wonder and awe. I'm trying to do the latter, so I've started taking an inventory of awesome things I've noticed. Here are just a few:

  • The atmosphere - it's quite remarkable how what looks like absolutely nothing shields us from UV radiation, regulates the planet's temperature, and protects us from space debris.
  • Plants - they purify the air just by growing, and that's ridiculous. People pay money (and use electricity) to purify air when plants do the same job for a little water. (But you already know how I feel about houseplants.)
  • Continuing the botanical theme, trees - they take the most fluid things I know (air and liquid water) and turn it into rock-solid material, which is actually made stronger when blown about.
  • Water - it's "the universal solvent," makes up 70% of our bodies, and occasionally falls from the sky.
  • The threads on bolts - have you ever realized many bridges and buildings are really held together literally by "a thread"? Sure, there are those giant I-beams but what holds together the I-beams? The threads on nuts and bolts! (Or rivets, but don't kill the fun, okay?)

What could you use new eyes to see? Go take a walk and see what sticks out at you, and renew that sense of wonder and awe in it. It's a Gift of the Holy Spirit. And if you can't find anything, I'm here to help - just fax me.

Megan Arteaga
Youth Minister
Weekend Worship Opportunities
June 28, 2020
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