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This week is National Library Week!
The knowledge, information and pleasure that come from a good book are something special. By  raising funds for IDA you are giving the gift of reading to so many children and adults with dyslexia. 

Stay motivated and remember that we ask for donations to ensure that every child can have the appropriate instruction they need to learn to read.

Fundraising Incentive of the Week!
Congratulations to last week's winners!

Samantha Smith took 2nd place by raising $250!

and Rachel Jamora was the Top Fundraiser with $425!

Congratulations to you both!

Get an extra $100 this week!

The Top 2 Online Fundraisers who receive more than $300 this week will each receive $100 towards their TeamQuest Campaign!


ANYONE that copies Tricia  (tsturm@dyslexiaida.org)  on a mass email with 40 or more email addresses  will receive $30 from TeamQuest. 

Start sending the link to your Personal Page via mass email today!

Participant Spotlight!
Congratulations Rachel!

Rachel is an RN and Arizona IDA Board Member.  In  one month she  will be running her first half marathon in Orange County, CA  and is well on her way to crushing her fundraising goal before race day!

In addition to being last week's Fundraising Incentive winner, she is doing a fantastic job rallying the AZ board to support her fundraising effort. The link to her TeamQuest Personal Page is posted on the AZ-IDA Branch website and she has been  encouraging fellow board members to share the link with their friends, co-workers and family. 

She plans to continue sending requests as we approach marathon day.  Keep up the great work Rachel!
Thanks to our sponsors!





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