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PotekGlass April 2021 Newsletter
Art in the Shop: Floyd in the Window.

As the murder trial for Darek Chauvin begins, the grief felt for the loss of our neighbor, George Floyd, is borne fresh. As a way to understand my feelings for this and ongoing tragedies to my brothers and sisters of color, I reproduced a protest poster inked out by Kara van Wyk last May. It had begun to fade in the bright sunlight of our shop window.

There was a need for a more permanent feature to remind me of values I hold dear. I wanted to spend consistent, meditative time, that was not focused on the horrific act, but on the person, George Floyd.

This project deepened my grief, but created the hope that as the chains are revealed we begin to understand the nature of systemic racism. To learn this lesson, will free us all.
Artist in the World: Kehinde Wiley
"Mary, Comforter of the afflicted 1." 2016
About Kehinde Wiley

Wiley is probably best known for the official White House portrait of Barack Obama as well as painting young black people he encounters, often placing them in reimagined versions of traditional portraits. The subjects Wiley met in public were asked to choose a painting from antiquity that they identified with. The glory, power, and prestige once reserved only for white subjects are transferred to modern black men and women wearing everyday clothing.

His paintings fuse the past and present in ways that force us to confront our notions of wealth, importance, race, and gender.

"There is a political and racial context behind everything that I do. Not always because I design it that way, or because I want it that way, but rather because it’s just the way people look at the work of an African-American artist in this country."
-Kehinde Wiley
Sancta Maria, Mater Dai, 2016
Lamentation, 2016
St. Mary, 2016
10% off all Bullseye Streaky Glass.
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Hand-rolled and controlled for mix consistency, with the unique patterning of true art glass. Nearly all are suitable for fusing or cold applications.

Add streaky glass for eyepoping backgrounds or to add movement to your composition.
Class Notes: Upcoming classes
Beginning in May classes will begin to seat 8 students per class. Masks are still required to participate. This allows classes to maintain 3 feet of space between students.
Explore all class offerings Here
PotekGlass continues to observe CDC guidelines including 6ft social distancing and masks in the shop. Classes and open sessions will have no more than 4 students, through April. Masks are required to participate.
Glass Fundamentals
This 4-week class will cover the fundamentals of glass cutting & cold-work, layout, design, firing schedules, and all the rest. Glass Fundamentals will meet Thursday evenings.

Basics From Boron
Italian Soft Glass class
June 06
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Try-It Class

3-hour class
Cost: $95
Member Price: $69 

Discover the sculptural potential of durable Borosilicate named for the element boron, which is added as a flux to create an American hard glass! 

This Try-iT! will explore torchwork basics and each skill taught will culminate in a project after hands-on practice. You will learn to gather molten glass to create a small paperweight, smash and twirl a gather into an icicle ornament, and experiment with glassblowing to create a small figure.

Just Try-iT! These are beginner sessions intended to introduce a glass-working approach. You will learn basic techniques specific to that approach with hands-on practice time to get comfortable working with glass and open your eyes to the creative potential of glass!

Open Torch and Kiln Session
April 10
Time: 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Certification Needed
Open torch session includes 4 hours on our torch equipment.

Open kiln session includes 4 hours on our equipment with a set of student tools, table workspace, and quarter shelf portion of 24" round kiln to fire your projects.

Glass supplies are not included but may be purchased at the shop.

Kiln Try-It!
May 08
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Beginner Level Class
In this course students will learn to cut patterns out of sheet glass, make frit, and work with a variety of glass formats by combing them in the kiln to produce a glass ring dish.
Note: Participants are required to have previous experience with glass or participated in a Try-iT session for Intermediate level classes.