Thank you for opening and reading our newsletter! As I tell people when they voluntarily choose to accept another email in their busy in-box, we will only come to you with news and information around 8 times a year, unlike many organizations that bombard their subscribers week after week…or even more often. We are pleased you agreed to support the VEBF in recognizing the importance of thanking our POA hourly workers, and I pledge to keep our communications with you to a minimum.  

As you will read elsewhere in the newsletter, while we have added a new board member, we have also lost one due to a resignation. We have room for more board members and would welcome new applicants. We consider anyone interested enough in the VEBF to receive our newsletter as someone who might also consider joining our board. Like many other organizations in the Village, we have a working board, but no one is asked to do more than they are willing. Just contact our email address at [email protected] for more information.

This month will see the beginning of a new effort by our board to reach out to community members with questions we have concerning our own operations. Known as the Advisory Resource Council (ARC), this group of volunteers will be communicated with only by email, as we ask for their advice and opinions on a variety of subjects pertaining to the VEBF. If you would be interested in serving on the ARC, please contact me at our email address. 

And once again, thank you for your support as we work to provide an annual cash appreciation gift for our POA hourly workers.


John Chapman - President, VEBF 


Thanks to a gracious donation by one of our business sponsors, the Hot Springs Village Evening Lions Club, your Village Employees Benefit Fund will have a booth at the Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce 2023 Business Expo. The event will take place from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Coronado Center on Friday, April 28. We will be in booth #77, in the conference room across from the ballroom. The booth will be staffed by some of our board members, so come and meet us in person! The Expo is also a great opportunity to learn more about area businesses and their related products and services. The event is sponsored by the National Park Medical Center and Saline Memorial Hospital.  


The VEBF Board is pleased to announce the addition of Charley Derryberry as a board member. Charley is a native Arkansan and retired insurance industry executive, who, with his wife Valerie, moved to the Village in 2003. He is active in the Kiwanis Club of Hot Springs Village, having served in several capacities including board member, Vice President, and 2-terms as President. He has also served as Vice President and President of the Hot Springs Village Townhouse Association. Charley enjoys golf and photography in his spare time. He looks forward to serving on the VEBF board, saying “The quality of life experienced by Village residents is due in large part to the dedicated employees of the POA.”

Leaving the VEBF Board is long-time member Jeff Lloyd. Jeff served with distinction as the chairperson of the Catastrophic Emergency Fund committee, and helped the board manage the growth of the fund in recent years. As a person operating a successful business while also providing care for an aging parent, Jeff felt he could no longer commit the time necessary to continue his duties on the board. His resignation was accepted with regrets by board president John Chapman.

Make a Donation Today

When you’re a front-line worker, “Thank You” means a lot. 

The people who work hard every day to make sure everything in Hot Springs Village – from the East Gate to the West Gate – is well-cared for and maintained, are the hard-working hourly employees of the POA. They are the line staff, workers who groom your golf courses, collect your trash, maintain your roads and buildings, pump water into your homes, operate your wonderful facilities, patrol your streets, extinguish your fires, and yes, process your sewage.  

Let’s show our appreciation for a job well done! Your donation will ensure that our POA employees are supported with emergency funds and continuing education all year long plus holiday monies at the end of each year.

You can mail your donation check to Village Employees Benefit Fund, P.O. Box 8503, Hot Springs Village, AR 71910 or donate via secure credit card, CLICK HERE

Help us help those who serve our community!

Donations are appreciated all year long.

Meet Johnny Scott, Ponce de Leon Golf Course Maintenance 


Johnny Scott has been with the HSVPOA and Ponce de Leon golf maintenance since July of 2002. Johnny started as a greenskeeper but has earned the master greenskeeper title through hard work, consistent attendance, a great work attitude, and high-quality work. Johnny can operate all the various equipment to maintain the golf course.  

When not at work, Johnny is an avid fisherman and likes to spend as much time on the water as possible. Johnny has one son, Samuel, who also works for the HSVPOA in lakes management. He manages the lakes.

Meet James Wallace, Supervisor of Simplex Pump System  

James is the Public Utilities Simplex System Supervisor. James is tasked with many responsibilities: overseeing all grinder tank maintenance calls, new grinder tank installations, sewer tank locates, inspections, and orders all parts and equipment. 

James worked his way up to the supervisor role and has a crew of 2 employees that he has trained. James ensures that these employees do their job in a safe and timely manner with excellent customer service and quick response time to all sewer tank calls. Something that James takes very seriously is making sure his employees are professional and take pride in their work. He also consistently helps with sewer and water main repairs as well and works with the Superintendent and Utility Director when needed. If you have lived in the village for a while and have had a problem regarding your sewer system, you probably have met James. 


The VEBF continuing education program is a Village Employees Benefit Fund Program that provides financial assistance to qualified POA employees so they may pursue educational opportunities in technical training, certification programs, and college level work related to employment at the HSVPOA. The program is designed to assist selected employees so they may expand their proficiency, augment expertise, and strengthen their skill sets; to better serve Hot Springs Village.

Find out more, click here.

Donate to the VEBF, Click Here


In addition to an annual gift, the VEBF Board has an emergency fund to be used at the Board’s discretion, to assist any POA worker who experiences financial difficulty as a result of a catastrophic personal emergency. Applications for help with expenses that POA workers might have because of a serious medical emergency, a death in the immediate family, or other personal tragedies, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. While the Fund is probably not able to provide cash to cover all the costs of an emergency, the contribution enables the applicant to cover some expenses. 

Hot Springs Village Employees Benefit Fund was established on September 22, 1999, to receive and disburse appreciation funds contributed by the property owners of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

These funds are for the benefit and support of all qualified POA employees (excluding Top Management) as defined in the by-laws.

Our intent is to demonstrate the recognition, appreciation, and respect that our property owners and others have for all those who work to support and maintain Hot Springs Village.

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