NEW NJHSA Telemedicine Offering for All

C&A Benefits Group, NJHSA's Association health insurance provider is offering u nlimited doctor's visits for $150 annual fee! No doctor consult copays!  S ee board certified physicians from home with an MD Live Telemedicine policy.  Prescriptions are immediately sent to your local pharmacy.  One policy covers your entire family!  Independent of major medical plans - Great compliment to your existing insurance. Learn more here

Don't miss out on this new benefit for member agencies, staff, families and the communities you serve! 

**This benefit is for any NJHSA member agency, not limited to those enrolled in NJHSA's Association health insurance plan.**

FEMA Funding Program for Emergency Protective Measures

The $40 billion FEMA Public Assistance Program provides funding to eligible private non-profit organizations for "emergency protective measures" to respond to the COVID-19 emergency. Qualifying expenses may include purchase and distribution of food, water, ice, medicine, and other consumable supplies, as well as personal protective equipment and hazardous material suits movement of supplies and persons. Awards will be made according to a state-administered RFP process. Please be in touch with your local FEMA Board for more information.
US Sign On Opportunity: Refugee and Asylum Priorities

We hope that many of your organizations and members of your networks will be able to sign on to this HIAS and JCPA letter on refugee and asylum priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the letter, which is open to national, state and local organizations (including congregations), we ask Members of Congress to ensure that future COVID-19 response legislation includes provisions that will assist resettled refugees, especially recent arrivals, as well as others who are eligible for resettlement and integration support. In addition, the letter urges the administration to restart the U.S. refugee resettlement program as soon as public health experts deem that international travel is once again safe, and that it also reverse recent policies that deny people access to our asylum system.  The deadline for signing on is noon ET on Monday, April 27th. Please direct questions to  Tammy Gilden .
HHS Announces Nearly $1 Billion in CARES Act Grants to Support Older Adults and People with Disabilities in the Community During the COVID-19 Emergency

On April 21st, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is announcing $955 million in grants from the Administration for Community Living (ACL) to help meet the needs of older adults and people with disabilities as communities implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The grants will fund home-delivered meals; care services in the home; respite care and other support to families and caregivers; information about and referral to supports; and more. Continue reading here

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Monday, April 27th

Managing the Stress of the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Sponsored by Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains

Managing the Stress of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sponsored by Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains

To provide support to Network agencies and their employees as they deal with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. The facilitators for these sessions are Board-certified chaplains who have years of experience in helping people dealing with adversities that they face.
Tuesday, April 28th

Feedback as a Means of Connection 

Sponsored by Ta'amod
12:30pm ET | REGISTER

How can we frame feedback in an appropriate and sensitive way during this uncertain time? Is it even okay to offer constructive feedback right now? This session will offer a framework for people to deliver both positive and constructive feedback to their colleagues in a way that will foster connection and drive engagement in the virtual workplace. 
NJHSA CEO/COO Conversations 
1pm ET |

Share successful strategies and continuing challenges, learn new service or staffing models that could be applied to your agency, suggest topics for future NJHSA sponsored call, and hear an update on NJHSA efforts to support your agency.
NJHSA Emergency Financial Assistance & Case Management Professionals Affinity Group Call
2pm ET | Registration link available on NJHSA website.

NJHSA CEO/COO Conversations  
3:30pm ET |

IT Telehealth Software Discussion
Sponsored by the NJHSA IT Professionals Affinity Group
4pm ET |  Registration link available on NJHSA website.
Wednesday, April 29th

NJHSA Communications & Marketing Professionals April Affinity Group Call - Continuing the Covid Conversations
12pm ET |  Registration link available on NJHSA website.

In It Together: Peer Discussion Groups for Jewish Community
Sponsored by JPRO Network

NJHSA and JPRO invite you to take part in weekly peer-to-peer processing sessions.  The purpose of these groups is to create a safe, confidential space to explore the challenges and opportunities the Coronavirus Pandemic has presented to us. Participants will be placed in groups of up to ten. Groups will be moderated by a licensed social worker with expertise in group work. (This is not intended as a mental health therapy group, but rather a place to process how COVID-19 has impacted you and for you to know we are all in it together.

Uniper - Bringing Community to the At Risk who are At Home


Uniper is offering NJHSA & AJAS member agencies a new cross-platform service that enables individuals in isolation to connect and engage with healthcare professionals, access live and interactive health and wellness programs, and communicate with family and friends,  at no cost as long as the strict social distancing orders are in place (or until June 1, 2020). The service has seamless implementation and requires no setup or installations and is distributed via a secured and encrypted email link or text message to clients/sponsoring agencies and it can be accessed via any TV, tablet, mobile device, desktop or laptop.

NJHSA CEO/COO Check In Calls 
4pm ET (ongoing Wednesdays) |  Registration link available on NJHSA website.
NJHSA CEOs and COOs (senior level executives) are invited to  drop in and talk with each other during these check in chats designed to  provide an opportunity to connect and support one another; discussing ideas and challenges.  There will be no commitment and no monitoring. 
Thursday, April 30th

The COVID-19 Pandemic - Innovative Response to the Challenges faced by the Elderly Population in Israel 
Sponsored by Joint-ESHEL & Hosted by the NJHSA Older Adult Services Professionals Affinity Group

T he corona pandemic has impacted our lives in a way no one could have imagined. From Jerusalem to New York, Moscow, Barcelona and Buenos Aires - the threat of illness and loss of life leaves a dark cloud hovering over our communities. No-one is bearing the brunt of this quite like the elderly, and those who care for them. Joint-ESHEL, an independent NGO, and a member agency of NJHSA, responsible for the planning and development of services for Israel's senior population, is innovating interventions to meet these new challenges in order to support the elderly in their homes.
Residential Service Providers Affinity Group Call
3pm ET | 
Registration link available on NJHSA website.
Monday, May 4th

With much excitement, we are pleased to invite you to join your Network for its 2020 Annual Meeting in Zoomland!  The NJHSA Annual Meeting will include:
  • State of the Network
  • 2020 Awards presentations
  • Installation of Incoming NJHSA Officers and Board Members
  • Special Tribute to outgoing NJHSA Board Chair Perry Ohren and outgoing members of the NJHSA Board of Directors
  • Welcome address from incoming NJHSA Board Chair Judy Halper
All NJHSA Member Agencies in good standing will have the opportunity to vote via the Zoom voting platform to approve the Slate of Incoming Board Members.
Looking forward to celebrating our Network together!

Tuesday, May 5th

Meeting the Unique Needs of Holocaust Survivors in Israel
Sponsored by JDC-Eshel & Hosted by the NJHSA Holocaust Survivor Services Professionals Affinity Group

Wednesday, May 6th

Fundraising During a Pandemic: More Best Practices and Lessons Learned So Far


Marian Z. Stern, Principal at Projects in Philanthropy will address transitioning events to virtual efforts and crafting "asks" during times of crisis in the second part of this COVID fundraising series. 
Wednesday, May 13th

VISION 2020 -  Better Data, Less Work: Rethinking How We Use Technology to Engage with Clients and Generate Reports
Sponsored by Athena Software, 2020 Conference Sponsor

In this webinar presentation, Athena Software will discuss how agencies are using technology to connect with the people they serve and empower clients to participate in their care. Discussions will include an analysis of how this can improve the client experience and reduce the documentation burden on case workers, in addition to how this is affected by COVID.
Wednesday, May 20th

Controlling the Chaos in Healthcare with C&A Benefits Group 

Join NJHSA for an interactive discussion with Christina King, President of C&A Benefits Group, for an update and overview of the NJHSA sponsored Association Health Plan.  This webinar will include insights on:
  • Trends in US Healthcare Plans
  • Update on NEW offerings available for NJHSA member agencies through the NJHSA Association Health Plan
  • Strategies on ways to control rising healthcare costs.
Wednesday, May 21st

VISION 2020: Virtual Plenary - Diversity, Equity, and Belonging in the Age of COVID - 19
1-2:30pm ET | REGISTER

Due to COVID - 19, we humans will continue to do things differently. These difficult times call for radical and innovative human-centered answers. As organizational consultants poised at the intersection of talent and strategy, The Diversity Institute is uniquely positioned to help others look at this pandemic differently and reconsider ways of working for the modern era.
Together we will take a 360° view of how to lead through and beyond the Virus with a focus on the timely and challenging topics of diversity, equity, and belonging.
We'll also discuss a case study from JFCS Minneapolis and together explore ways in which we can continue to practice social distancing without compromising our need for social connection.
Peer Support for Jewish Community Professionals

Laid off or Furloughed? JPRO Network and NJHSA are partnering to offer peer discussion groups (free of charge) for people who have been laid off or furloughed from jobs in the Jewish community due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Groups will meet weekly for six weeks and will be facilitated by social workers with experience running peer discussion groups. If you are in this situation and are interested, please pre-register here
GoFundMe Charity is Giving $300,000 to Nonprofits

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, nonprofits across the country face the most unprecedented economic challenge of their time.  Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to support each other and mobilize our communities.  In an effort to provide immediate aid, Giving Tuesday announced #GivingTuesdayNow, which takes place on May 5, 2020.  #GivingTuesdayNow is a chance for people around the world to stand together in unity and use their individual power of generosity to help nonprofits in need. Learn more here .

Tuesday, May 12th | 4pm ET | REGISTER

Privacy is among the many areas of our lives that COVID-19 is radically changing. While some new developments are short-term solutions to help us navigate the immediate impacts of this unprecedented crisis, others will bring lasting change that will affect us long after the pandemic recedes. E xplore the range of legal changes to healthcare privacy that the COVID-19 pandemic is driving, including both immediate impacts and long-term consequences. Examine how COVID-19 is re-shaping our privacy laws, standards and obligations, today and tomorrow.