Go Tell It on the Mountain

April 2015 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Holy Week Schedule

Maundy Thursday, April 2 

6:30 p.m. Soup supper; please bring your own bowl and spoon.

7:30 p.m. Service of Tenebrae.

Easter Sunday, April 5


8 a.m. Sunrise Service


10:30 a.m. Family Service, with Easter Egg hunt following. 


Receptions after each service. Please bring something tasty to share!



Meditation Moment

Gracious God,
Thank you for the gift of today.
Refresh me.  
Invite me to discover your presence
in each person that I meet 
And every event that I encounter.
Teach me when to speak and when to listen
When to ponder and when to share.
In moments of challenge and decision
Attune my heart to the whisperings of your Wisdom.
As I undertake ordinary and unnoticed tasks,
Gift  me with simple joy.
When my day goes well, may I rejoice.
When it grows difficult, surprise me with
New possibilities.
When life is overwhelming call me to
Sabbath moments
To restore your Peace  ad Harmony.
May my living today reveal your Goodness.




Altar Flowers


Open dates for donating flowers are April 5 (Easter), 12, and 26. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.


where to, chickadees?

no breeding in our garden?

bring back your chicks, please!

-- Haiku by John Heyes

 Minister's Column;

God's Image Shows a Different Kind of Love

Dear Skyland Friends,

What is the point of the Easter story? As a preacher, I get to wrestle with that big question year after year, and I find that as I do so, I feel myself drawn more and more deeply into what it might mean. 

This year I have been musing about how on the one hand, we humans are created in God's image and are therefore able to love with a love like God's. On the other hand, our lizard brains, also part of God's creation, can lead us far from love in our instinct to "fight or flee". God seems to have created us with a span of potential consciousness ranging from the greatest height of love to the deepest gorge of cruelty and hate. 

Furthermore, God doesn't intervene in a forceful way into the human story, but rather seems to be trying to inspire us to create through our best choices a world which reflects the original ideal of love. In the Easter story, particularly in the resurrection of Jesus, God seems to be revealing the divine intention that in the end life will win out over death, love over hate, peace over violence. 

I also believe that if this story resonates deeply in our hearts, we may experience the Easter story as part of our consciousness in the world, that we may practice in our community its life-transforming values and that we may influence others to join us until sometime in the future the world will fully manifest God's love and peace. So we gather during Holy Week to hear the story and to let it speak to us and possibly even change our lives. We practice this loving way in our lives together, hoping that God will pour love through us. Please join us and help us to share God's love with all people and all the earth! Happy Easter!



Many thanks to all who participated in the Palm Sunday afternoon spruce up day. We are as cleaned up, organized, and spiffy as we can be. Ready for Easter! Thank you all!

Cheers,  Stephen



Refresh and Renew...

. ..with the women of Skyland Church.

Maison du Lac Gardens and the Fullagar home
Saturday, May 9

10:00 Patty  Hughes shares her beautiful spring gardens

12:00 Catered lunch at the Fullagar home followed by fellowship and creative exploration.


Registration: $25.00

Give cash or check to Fern Thompson by May 1.

Meet at Maison du Lac: 23107 Summit Road

Questions: shannonedwards14@gmail.com (408-353-2710)




NOTE from your treasurer:


Your generous donations of $1705 have been received for One Great Hour of Sharing. We will keep receiving additional donations through Easter.


Pledge gifts for March were on target but still almost $2200 less than planned for these 10 months of our fiscal year.  Offering donations are continuing strong and currently $787 above planned amount.


Here are the operating finances for Mar. 2015 as of Mar. 25.


  Summary of Operating Finances

               Mar. 2015     | Jun 1,2014 to Mar.25
          Actual    Planned  |  Actual      Planned
Income   $   9,584  $  9,361 | $155,754    $150,068
Expenses $  19,710  $ 20,361 | $145,169    $146,752

 Net      $(-10,126)$(-11,000)| $ 10,585    $  3,316


-- Gerald J. Alonzo



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