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Humble and Kind

            April, 2016

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 " We all take different paths 
in life, but no matter where 
we go, we take 
a little bit of 
each other everywhere." 

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Tim McGraw is a country singer who recently released a song entitled Humble and Kind.  Ever hear it on the radio?  Have it on your Iphone or your Ipod?   It is worth your time to seek out the words and hear the beauty and simplicity of the song.

Music is powerful.  A song can inspire us to think about life, to appreciate something we wouldn't normally notice, make us feel happy or bring back memories of the past.  Some songs can be depressing or disturbing; some invoking passion; some encouraging us to sing as loud as we can while driving in the car. What kind of music do you choose to listen to and does it serve any purpose in your life?  For me, music is a form of expression and can help to bring about a certain mood or attitude.  When I want to be uplifted, I put on some of my favorite music, which right now is country music.  When I choose to be more reflective and serene, I choose something more calming.  When I feel powerful, I choose songs that I know very well so I can sing along with confidence.

The difficulty that I see these days in carrying out the message of this Tim McGraw song inspired me to share this with my readers in the hopes of creating awareness of some simple things we can do in today's world to be humble and kind.

Read below for a discussion on some of my favorite lines in the song and how you might be able to get back to the roots of being Humble and Kind in order to make your world just a little happier and more meaningful.
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The chorus of the song talks about simple things like saying please and thank you, not lying or stealing or cheating anyone, realizing that life can be challenging at times and that it will be OK, as long as you stay humble and kind.  Tim reminds us that it is wonderful to feel pride for having achieved our goals and be thankful for having worked so hard to live a dream, but to also remember in that moment that we need to return to being humble and kind as well.

The verses mention family loyalty by visiting when you can, choosing meaningful relationships by thinking twice before being intimate with someone, not holding grudges or a chip on your shoulder because that only keeps you from being your best. This song serves as an excellent reminder of what to keep in mind that we probably already knew, but just forgot.

One of my favorite lines in the song is, "Bitterness keeps you from flyin'. " Think about that.  If you stay bitter towards someone or let a past hurt get in the way of being able to enjoy every day, are you really living up to your potential?  We all get hurt sometimes.  We all feel frustrated towards others at some point in our life.  If we can communicate with the person we feel is causing that hurt, let's resolve that hurt and the motivation behind whatever happened and move beyond it.  We may never forget the hurt, but we can free ourselves from carrying around that hurt so we can fly once again and enjoy our life.

The last verse of the song returns us to the basics.  Tim sings about eating a Popsicle when it's hot, opening the windows for fresh air instead of keeping the air conditioning on and letting the summer sunshine in.  When was the last time you allowed the fresh air into your day and enjoyed it?  When was the last time you went outside to just soak in the sun...even if it was 30 degrees outside?

No matter your age, stage of life or economic status, you can achieve some of the simple things mentioned in this song and possibly enjoy life a little bit more.  We just need to be reminded sometimes.  I believe you are worth the effort to remember the enjoyment that can come from the basics and put them into practice.  Do you?

I am looking forward to hearing about all your successes in the coming year and welcome feedback or article ideas anytime.

Thank you for looking at all of my newsletter topics .....From The Positive Perspective. 
Stay well.
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