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The Super Clinic on April 15, 2017 is full but you can still attend the Lunch and Learn. The Physics of Farriery is the topic that informs and educates the savvy dressage rider.  While you are enjoying the clinic don't miss the mid morning demo of Saddle Fitting and the mid afternoon Accupuncture demo. Both are ringside in the covered arena. The demos are free to everyone! Click on the links below to take advantage of this great educational event. The very reasonable prices are made possible because of the generosity of Sponsors for this event! Come join the fun.

Also in this e-news is special coverage of the 2017 Dressage World Cup held in Omaha, NE this past April 1st. Scroll down for news, pictures and links to Laura's ride.

Scroll down to view the calendar of CFD events and the updated list of recognized and schooling shows.  Email Carol if you have any additions or corrections.

We would love hearing about your adventures going to shows locally or in Welly World. Drop us a note or a picture!
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Good Riding!
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Ride-A-Test Super Clinic Has a Few 
Rider Slots Available!
Don't Miss This Great Educational Event

Super Clinic Extras

Free to Everyone!  Don't Miss!

Saddle Fitting Demo 
 during Mid Morning Clinic Break!
Faye Flynn of Flynn's Equine Massage and Saddle Fit will present a short demo on proper saddle fit

Accupuncture Demo 
 during the Mid Afternoon Break!
Jennifer Freeman dvm attended the world renowned Chi Institute. Dr. Freeman will discuss basic uses of acupuncture points on the dressage horse

Attend the Lunch and Learn
at the 
Super Clinic April 15th

Annual Awards Banquet 
 & Meet and Greet
Pictures of the Fun!

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FEI World Cup Dressage 2017 Results
FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final - FEI Grand Prix FreestyleResults
1. Isabell Werth (GER) and Weihegold OLD (90.704%)
2. Laura Graves (USA) and Verdades (85.307%)
3. Carl Hester (GBR) and Nip Tuck (83.757%)
Omaha, Neb.
 - Laura Graves and Verdades scored a personal best Grand Prix Freestyle of 85.307% to place second in the FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final on Saturday Kasey Perry-Glass and Goerklintgaards Dublet and Steffen Peters and Rosamunde closed out the competition in the top 10. Isabell Werth (GER) and Weihegold OLD were the 2017 champions with a score of 90.704%, while Carl Hester (GBR) and Nip Tuck finished third with a score of 93.757%. Watch their FEI Grand Prix Freestyle  here

Steffen Peters Retires Top Hat; Will Wear Helmet in FEI Competitions

Steffen Peters Retires Top Hat; Will Wear Helmet in FEI CompetitionsTo the surprise of many, two-time Olympic team bronze medalist Steffen Peters entered the arena on Thursday to begin the FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final wearing a helmet. A traditionalist at heart, Peters made it his 2017 New Year's resolution to drop the top hat and sport a helmet in Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) competitions.
"I hung on because of a superstition. Over the years, I became less superstitious. At first it was my tailcoat that I had for 26 years. The top hat was the final superstitious item that I hung on to. I had a couple good tests with the helmet and decided to switch," said Peters, who was also encouraged to wear a helmet by U.S. teammates Kasey Perry-Glass and Laura Graves, among others.
According to a study published in the journal Neurological Focus in 2016, data from the National Trauma Data Bank between 2003 and 2012 revealed that 45% of sports-related traumatic brain injuries among adults admitted to trauma centers were related to equestrian falls. This number is much larger than any other sport, including football and other contact sports. However, research has shown that wearing helmets reduces the risk of severe traumatic brain injury by 50%. Unfortunately, only 25% of equestrians wear helmets regularly.
When Peters looked at team pictures, he realized he was the only U.S. team member not wearing a helmet. As a result, he decided he needed to make the change. Originally, Peters adopted the top hat, in part because his role models wore them. However, Great Britain's Carl Hester, whom Peters admires and who elects to wear a helmet often, also influenced his decision. However, Peters' fans and those who questioned his choice of headgear really instigated the change. Now, Peters can influence the next generation of dressage riders.
"I received so many messages on Facebook, some firm, some kindly convincing me to wear a helmet because I am setting an example for children. Some mothers aggressively told me that I have to wear a helmet. I listened. At the end of the day, if so many people speak out, and when you are an athlete in this position, I have to set guidelines and suggestions, and I listened," said Peters.
It is important to wear a helmet certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) when mounted at all times. Accidents involving horses can happen anytime, including when trail riding, schooling, or in competition. Helmets should be kept in a cool, dry place and properly handled to avoid damage. In addition, it is vital to replace a helmet anytime it makes impact with the ground due to a fall. For more tips of helmet care, see this article from Equestrian Weekly.
"Safety comes first. There are so many accidents where the horse is walking. It's not always the horse that is acting up, bucking, or a rider falling off. Sometimes it's little situations that we can't control," added Peters, who admits he is still getting used to wearing a helmet. "It feels a little strange, especially when I salute because I'm used to taking the hat off," he laughs.
For more information on concussions and helmet safety in equestrian sport, visit the US Equestrian Learning Center and watch the Concussions: Signs, Symptoms, and Helmet Safety video with Dr. Lola Chambless, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Vanderbilt University.  

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CFD Calendar of Events 2017
January 14 Year End Awards
Submissions Close

March 5 Year End Awards Banquet The Westin Lake Mary
April 15 CFD Super Clinic The Grand Oaks
September  23 Hawaiian Shirt Show Clarcona
October 7 Tina Drake Ride a Test Willingham Dressage
November 5 Fab Freestyle Silver Sands Arena

More to come
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The Miss New Jersey Horse Industry Mystery Member is.....
Judy Downer

Judy Downer showing Wunderbar
photo credit: Jeanne Abbott 

Judy Downer, Ph.D., Professor, Equine Studies, College of Central Florida

You may know Judy, usef "R" judge as that judge-in-the-box at schooling shows or have admired her riding her self trained Grand Prix horse Wunderbar. But there is even more to know about this friendly, talented member. 
Judy Downer writes:
My education was in Animal Science, with a research focus on mineral nutrition.  I worked for almost 20 years in veterinary pharmaceutical and dietary supplement research and development.   Read More

World renowned veterinarian, Bereiter (Master Trainer), and author Dr. Gerd Heuschmann will present a two-day symposium on the Biomechanics of Soundness. Dr. 
Heuschmann is based at the Warendorf Veterinary Clinic associated with the German National Riding School. A respected international lecturer, Dr. Heuschmann educates equestrians on how to make the sport better for the horse. A true horse lover and voice for the horse, Dr. Heuschmann boldly speaks about the damaging effects of incorrect riding and training methods. He is the author of several books including Tug of War and Balancing Act. He also has a DVD " If Horses Could Speak".

Lecture (2 days): 
0 per person for the two days. Your fee includes auditing the lessons as well as the lecture and catered lunch. Payment in full, with your reservation is requested.

Private Lesson:
$175 per lesson, 50% deposit required. Fee includes lecture and lunch (Both days).

Come and join us!

2017 Recognized Shows

January 7,8
Southeast Horse Shows

January 14, 15
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

January 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows

January 28, 29
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)

February 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows
Florida Horse Park

February 11, 12
Orlando Dressage

February 19 Longwood Farms Longwood website

February 25, 26
Southeast Horse Shows

March 25, 26
Orlando Dressage (2 show weekend)

April 1,2

April 11 Monteverde Academy
Fix a Test

April 29,30
Southeast Horse Shows

May 13, 14
Southeast Horse Shows (2 show weekend)

May 27, 28
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

June 10,11
Southeast Horse Shows (2 show weekend)

June 10, 11 Suncoast Tampa website

June 17, 18
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

July 8, 9
Southeast Horse Shows

August 5, 6 Southeast Horse Shows Canterbury

August 19,20 SDCTA (2 shows) Tampa

September 2, 3
Ride Lite Dressage

September 2 Suncoast Tampa website

September 3 Suncoast Tampa website

September 9,
Orlando Dressage
Grand Oaks

October 5, 6
Region 3 Championships

October 21, 22
Southeast Horse Shows
(Arabian) Clarcona?

November 4,5
Southeast Horse Shows

These listings of shows are partial and may not be up to date. Please check with the websites as well as the usdf.org in the competition listing for accurate and up to date information.

Anyone who wishes to be listed in this calendar email  cbulmer1@aol.com

2017 Schooling Shows
Dec 3, 2016 Rocking Horse Altoona website
Jan 14, 15 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
Feb 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
Feb 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
Feb 25-26 Brevard Eq Cntr Grant website
Feb 26 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
March 11, 12 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
March 12
Partners of the Park
FL Horse Park website
March 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website

April 9
FL Horse Park
April 22, 23 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksvilee website
April 23 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
May 7 STRIDE FL Horse Park website
May 20 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
May 28 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
June 3, 4 Fannin Hill Farm Brooksville website
June 18 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

July 16 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
August 13 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
September 16, 17 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
September 17 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
September 23 CFD Hawaiian 
Shirt Show
Clarcona website
September 24 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 21, 22 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
October 22 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
October 29 STRIDE Fl Horse Park website
November 12 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website
November 18, 19 Sumter Eq Cntr Bushnell website
December 4 Partners of the Park Fl Horse Park website

This is a partial listing gathered for the convenience of our members. Please contact Carol at cbulmer1@aol.com if you want your schooling show listed.

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