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August 16
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Women Moving Forward® in GENEVA in 2019

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2019 Workshops 
Women's Leadership
April 30-May 2
Ojai, CA

Managing Corporate
May 21-23
Westlake Village, CA
$3750  4 spaces left

Enabling Purpose
June 4-6
Westlake Village, CA
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Smart People
June 18-20
Westlake Village, CA

Leading Projects
July 15-19
Westlake Village, CA
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Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
July 25-26
Westlake Village, CA
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40th Anniversary  
Westlake Village, CA
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Women Moving
Sept. 18-20
Westlake Village, CA
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Enabling Purpose
Sept. 24-26
Westlake Village, CA
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Advanced Men's Course
Oct. 15-17
Ojai, CA
$4950  FULL

Women Moving Forward®
Oct. 16-18
Geneva, Switzerland
$6750 only 5 spaces left

Women's Leadership
New Edition
November 12-14
Westlake Village, CA
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Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
December 5-6
Westlake Village, CA
$3250  4 spaces left  
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2019 Women's Leadership Retreat®   
April 30- May 2, 2019    
Ojai, California  
April 29 Make-up day  

Advanced Men's
Oct. 23-25
Ojai, CA. 
For those of you who want to bring this very special workshop to the men in your company contact us to schedule one.

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Men all over the world have taken this workshop and have been surprised by the results.

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$40,000 for up to 14 men

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If you only continue to train women but do not also re-train men you just make women more frustrated.


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Future of Work Summit.
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 Graduate Note:

Since the Geneva workshop is already 50% full we
thought we might schedule 2 more. We are looking at  Singapore & Panama as possible locations.

Let me know what you think and if you have women ready to register or interested in attending in those locations.


The Future Of Work Summit

We decided to hold a Summit for our company's 40th Anniversary because we wanted to focus on the Future of Work especially in the aftermath of #metoo.
There are implications for everything we do and how we do them now and in the Future.
To Join us you can register on our website at www.svanvleetconsult.com
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AUGUST 16, 2019
The Four Seasons Hotel
Westlake Village, CA.

  FUTURE OF WORK in a #METOO Climate
Susan and John discuss the state of women and men in in the age of #meto o
Life After Corporate Panel:
(All star panel that has successfully transitioned to post corporate careers)
Roberta Teran 
Crossroads Reach Out Director-Human Sex Trafficking Prevention India & Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hilary Beard
Award winning writer, public speaker, trainer and
Personal Development Coach
Christal Fisher    
Ordained Minister Christian Church in the Southwest 
Mike Colucci
Board President Saginaw Township Community Schools and STEM Advocate and Volunteer

Featured Speaker

Linda Kreger Silverman Ph.D
International Expert of Giftedness 

The Four Seasons Hotel and Spa 
Westlake Village, CA. 91361
 Cost: $2500 PP 
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Susan leading the first Women Moving Forward®

November Women's Leadership Retreat®

November 6-8, 2019 
Four Seasons Hotel & Spa
Westlake Village, CA. $4950
Only 4 spaces left!   
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              Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva

     OCTOBER 16-18, 2019     $6750 US  

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What Shall I Write About?

As I was thinking about writing this
article I had trouble focusing on one thing to write about.

There is so much going on in my world and in your
world that I was struggling with honing in on only
one topic. Then I realized the movement forward
we are seeing out of #metoo is exponential. It is
moving so quickly, worldwide,that it is hard to keep
up. That said, there are a few things that makes
this movement have teeth that I want to highlight

First it all started with the gross acts of leaders in the Entertainment Business. A business that has kept women in subjugated positions for years. It did not start in the usual multinational companies we talk about.

Second Top Level Women in Entertainment, Tech and Consumer businesses are leading the charge this time.

In the past you couldn't convince a women VP or top tier female actor to lead anything that threatened the status quo. But now we see them actively seeking change. Hell, I remember a female corporate lawyer trying to get us to say she was our lawyer because the report we completed (the one 2 male VPs hired us to do) was so bad and pretty much established hostile work environment for all women in the company. Of course that didn't work!

Everyone from Reese Witherspoon & Chandra Rimes
to the women in top jobs at Wells Fargo are making this happen now. It's not bottom up anymore.

Wells Fargo, Google, Oracle and Nike have all had the top women confronting the President with studies they have completed on the status of women in their companies. Nike has already taken action by paying reparations to the women who were harmed and limited in promotions. But they also did something even more impactful; they fired the men who were actively preventing women from getting promoted. John Van Vleet has always said; if you want to stop gender discrimination/ sexual harassment then fire a man who does it and tell everyone you are firing him for that behavior. Nike did that!

And lastly, now we see a worldwide emphasis on the inclusion of women. Even as women continue to be
abused in corporations other women from those companies are posting the "pro woman Ads" for those same companies!

So companies have decided to position themselves in Ads, etc. to promote how "women inclusive" they are even as they continue to discriminate against their own women employees. And they are using their female employees to spread the fake facade to the public.

I suggest you not end up being one of the women used by your company to build a facade that does not reflect who your company really is. It only makes you look stupid and misogynistic.

So what's the conclusion to be drawn here? Other
then this movement has teeth and is already effecting women positively in some companies I cannot say.

Is it happening in more companies then we have ever seen in our 40 years? YES!

Does every week bring a new company to add to the list? YES! This week alone we got news that women
were revolting in the Disney Company.

Will there be more? YES!

My own personal belief is we women are sick of being harassed and overlooked for opportunities because we are women. With the publicity on the
Entertainment Women Stars who were abused we mere mortal everyday women have got to have said to ourselves "if it can happen to that woman it can happen to me". And that's just not OK.

Welcome all of you to the new world order!


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