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   April 2020                                                                           Volume 16  Issue 4

Thomas R. Woehler, MD
President, Oliver Foundation

In way of introduction, although retired, I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine, as well as Allergy and Immunology. Before Tony Fauci was selected to head the NIHAID, I knew him as a fellow member of the American Academy of Allergy & Immunology. We, the other Fellows of the Academy and Immunology, agreed he was well qualified and a person of high integrity.
With that said, what do I now see as a major problem? Mass fear, depression, uncertainty and actually politically focused hate. Rational? No! Productive?  No! In fact, what I'm going to share with you is that fear, anxiety & depression SUPPRESS your immune system! All of these 'feelings' are actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to you having a healthy immune system.
With an impaired immune system, we not only have problems with bacterial infections, but in the case of COVID19, the viral immunity or resistance to the Corona virus.

So, let's be POSITIVE!  Stick with the activities and thoughts that will keep your immune system healthy and keep your resistance to COVID19 functioning in a maximum state.  Start now!
#1 Select your source of information. It's best to depend on NIH, CDC, & and the President's Coronavirus Task Force.  I'm sure many of you receive emails,  text messages or Facebook posts from a 'friend' or 'relative' with "special insight into the happenings in China, Italy, New Orleans or New York with an observations "warning" about the severity, extent or treatment options or non-options. My advice is to largely ignore them! Many are anecdotal, and often misleading to the nonprofessional.   Please stick with well verified and established sources.
#2 Strictly follow the 'Coronavirus Guidelines for America'. Follow them religiously and reread every day.
#3. Turn off the National media news and limit watching only a total of 1 hour / day. It's best to stay with local news.  What's happening in any distant "hot bed' may or may not apply to you. What's happening in your own community is more important to your well-being.  While watching TV limit it to 'fun' shows or movies. Avoid 'thrillers which further agitate your anxiety levels.
#4 Love! Talk to people who are positive and supportive.  If you can't visit, you can phone!  Avoid family & friends who are negative! 
#5  Get plenty of rest, if you feel like a nap or need personal 'down time,' take it!  Rest and relaxation will keep your immune system strong. If it's difficult to sleep the entire night because of "worries,' keep a notepad next to your bed, if you start to worry, write it down and address it in the morning!  
#6  Avoid junk food and learn the ability to recognize good nutrition habits.  Now.  Learn to cook if you don't know how.   My wife, a registered dietitian and a fantastic cook says, "anyone can cook with practice and reading."  Now is a great time to try.
#7  Use this time of stress to practice ways of stress reduction. Tell me if you have unique ideas. Let's get through this ordeal better than even before.
#8  Alcohol can pose a "double whammy" as it is often consumed in excessive amounts when someone is when 'under stress.' Alcohol can not only prevent a good night's sleep but it also is known aggravate depression and definitely has a temporary effect of depressing the immune system. So, either avoid completely or limit your intake.
#9  Exercise is extremely important.  Walking or jogging or some other form of cardiovascular exercise is important for one's psyche and also general health. Just do pace yourself.  Don't go from 'no exercise' to being a junior marathoner! If you do, you may have to deal with unused muscles and tendons transformed to sources of pain and other problems.  Increase your activity slowly over a 2-3 day period.  Of course, when conducive, outdoor fresh air and sunshine (remember the sunscreen) are again preferable to exercising indoors.
 Make yourself a chart on these nine simple practices and check off your successes as you progress.  Happy immunity boosting day!

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Healthy Choices Grants
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Action for Healthy Kids Grants
Between now and May 1, 2020, parents and school staff can apply for a Game On or Parents for Healthy Kids school grant to improve kids' health and well-being, which helps them learn, succeed, and thrive.

Summer Brown and Hailey Burnette recently  graduated from the 
4th Annual DEA Teen Leadership Academy,  Houston Division.  The teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20 gained firsthand knowledge about the many harms of drugs and drug addiction, and a rare insight into what it takes to become part of the DEA team. 
Summer Brown and Hailey Burnette

Getting to experience the Teen DEA Academy was one of the best experiences that I've had. I learned so much in just 2 days. One thing that stood out was once someone started to use drugs there was no going back for them. Many kids start to use drugs because family members and friends influenced them to get hooked.  Some activities we did was watch documentaries on drugs, learn where the DEA usually finds the drugs hidden in everyday cars, hear from a panel about interview tips and career opportunities with the DEA.  We also got to watch a skit performed by the teen alumni. On the second day we had a graduation and received a plaque for our participation. Overall, I enjoyed the academy a lot and would recommend it to everyone who would be interested.     
Summer Brown

Meet the Oliver Teen Advisory Board        
YEAH Teem Board Nov2010

The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member  organization represented by students across the Houston area. Each month you'll meet       a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.  

Katherine Zhang, Board Member
The Kinkaid School - Houston, Texas 
Teen Board Member 2019 - Present

Katherine is a freshman at The Kinkaid School. She is a member of the Chamber Music Group - International Music Academy, Debate Team, Cross Country, Swim Team and the Academic and Citizenship Honor Roll. Katherine volunteers at Houston Pets Alive, Books Between Kids and the Houston Food Bank.
Running for Exercise and Enjoyment!
Running, especially running long distance, is an enjoyable lifelong skill as well as a great way to exercise. The spring is one of the best times to get outside and take a break from studying or working. The weather is more mild, so waking up early or running late at night isn't necessary. 
Running longer distances helps strengthen the heart since it teaches the heart to pump blood more effectively and strengthen the lungs as well. Running also improves your insulin sensitivity, because sugar levels come down as your muscles burn glucose for energy. The most prominent benefit of running in general is the increase in stamina and stronger muscles. This helps athletes get injured less often. Running also strengthens the immune system and helps with weight control, as running burns calories both during and after a workout. 
Also, the runner's high is scientifically proven to be real. It actually stimulates the same reward receptors as most drugs and promotes the production of endocannabinoids which improve your mood. Running is therapeutic and promotes good nutrition. Studies show that when you're in a good mood, you also tend to make healthier nutrition choices as well.
Running doesn't need to be a competitive sport to be a healthy activity. Even ten minutes of running a day can produce great health benefits and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. The best part about running is that there's something for everyone. You can jog with a buddy, compete in a marathon, or simply try and stay in shape.
I have been running since the sixth grade at my school. Participating in both Cross Country and Track has been one of the best decisions of my life. I personally find that whenever I feel tired or worn out during the day, running actually boosts my mood and energizes me. A long run is the best way to clear my mind. Competing with the team is also a great incentive to keep myself making healthy choices. During the season, I'm constantly thinking about which lunch option will help me perform my best at practice. Also, running has given me the good habit of keeping a reusable water bottle handy at all times. Running makes me more conscious of my health and gives me a purpose to exercise every day. 

I hope that this information helps you learn a little bit more about running and consider adding it to your daily routine or continuing it throughout the year. Thank you!

Katherine Zhang 

April 2020
YEAH Teem Board Nov2010

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