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What We CAN Do
April, 2020
Quote of the month

"There's millions of survivors out there; make it one million 
and one." 

by Tom Hanks, American Actor 
and Film Maker

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I welcome the opportunity to help you work through current issues and to look at your future with a sense of hope and purpose.


Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


Post-Masters Degree-Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Private Practice 

since 2008


Married over 30 years


Mother of 2 

young-adult daughters 


Lived in Indiana, 

New Jersey and Texas


Passionate about 

what I do


By the time you are reading this newsletter, you have been overrun with this new health challenge. I hope this newsletter can bring a breath of fresh air. I would like to address what you CAN DO during this time, not what you are NOT allowed to do. Looking at life's experiences from the positive perspective rather than the negative can help tremendously. We can feel more in control of our own lives by knowing what we CAN DO. We are strong. We are intelligent and we are Americans. 

Just like after 9/11, which is when I was very new in this field, I witnessed a coming together of people, no matter their age, religion, class, color or political party. It was amazing and something we should strive for every day. Can we put our differences aside and focus on what we have in common...our love for each other and this country?
As always, please pass along this information to anyone you feel may benefit from it's content.

Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT
305 Miron Drive
Southlake, TX 76092
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From The Positive Perspective.......
WE CAN stay informed so we know how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

WE CAN be self-aware with our own health and take precautions early on.

WE CAN connect with family and friends electronically so that we lift each other up and satisfy our social needs to some degree.

WE CAN check on the elderly by phone or email to be sure they have what they need and are doing OK.

WE CAN offer support financially, emotionally or spiritually to others that need it.

WE CAN help each other to stay positive.

WE CAN practice social distancing to help slow down the spread of this virus.

WE CAN only purchase what we need at the grocery stores and leave some food and supplies for others.

WE CAN take advantage of the internet and, especially if you have kids at home, take a virtual field trip every day to a different part of the world by doing research. Zoos, major landmarks and museums all around the world have virtual tours of their facilities.

WE CAN take time every day to read a book or write something.

WE CAN be angry or upset at the situation but be sure to take your anger out in a healthy way by exercising or doing something physical.

WE CAN teach our kids some life skills such as doing the wash, cooking, budgeting, etc.

WE CAN create game night with our kids.

WE CAN share any ideas we have to help others that are in the same situation as we are in.

WE CAN be respectful of others needs, as they may be different from your own.

WE CAN finally finish that Netflix series we have been binging. (Hope you laugh or smile at this one.)

Most of all, WE CAN and need to be positive that we will get through this.
I have faith in this country and the people that live here. We can do this. I hope there are much happier things to pay attention to this time next month. Be safe. Be positive.

Try to look at the situations in life
From the Positive Perspective
and we can work through anything!
I welcome feedback regarding the newsletter or questions about my practice.  I can be reached at maryellen@dabalmft.com .  I cannot, however, give advice through email. For more information on my practice please visit my website: www.dabalmft.com

I wish you well...

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