3.     What made you start the group?
Over the past several months I had noticed the amount of trash that was accumulating off Highway 65 and around Ozark. This really bothered me as it did not represent our city well and I kept thinking to myself, "One day I'm going to pick up the trash." I then saw a post in a Facebook group where someone else made a comment about this same issue and several people expressed similar feelings. This was the motivation I needed to start taking action. I volunteered to this Facebook group to reach out to The City of Ozark and to MoDOT to see what could be done about the trash. I was able to connect with both the City of Ozark and MoDOT and received their full support, including providing vests and trash bags, in addition to picking up the actual trash bags after pick up events. I knew other people were interested in the clean-up efforts so I started the Facebook group Ozark Trash Bashers. Within 2 weeks we had over 200 members and had held 2 Trash pick-up events (Trash Meets). The outpouring of support has been overwhelming. We have businesses offering to donate gloves, hand sanitizer, and dumpsters. It's amazing to see our community coming together for a common goal. The citizens of Ozark truly love our city.

Thank you to Ozark's local Lowe's and Hardhat Gear for donating Safety vests and trash bags!

Check out the numbers:

Two Trash Meets were held along Highway 65 March 26-27, with an approximate total of 95 filled trash bags. Specific and impressive statistics of trash bags filled from the weekend include:

  • 15 bags in the Northbound lane of Highway 65 in front of Rib Crib and Ozark Chevrolet.
  • 40 bags on the Northbound lane of Highway 65 starting at the on ramp at CC and down to the Christian County line. 
  • 40 bags on the Southbound lane of Highway 65 starting around the Christian County line up to CC and on the offramp.