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May 8th: Mother's Day (OPEN)

May 15th: Spring Concert at the Bothwell Arts Center - STUDIO IS CLOSED

May 30th: Memorial Day (CLOSED)

June 19th: Father's Day (OPEN)

June 29th-July 5th: Summer Break (CLOSED WED-TUES)

Proof that we inform you of all holiday closures. :)
Monday at 8pm

Our teachers are avid performers in the San Francisco Bay Area (and across the world)! Check them out live with their bands/ensembles at these upcoming gigs.

Thursday, April 28th:
TV Mike & The Scarecrows (Anna) at Lagunitas in Petaluma

Friday, April 29th:Felsen (Art) at Fireside in Alameda

Friday, April 29th: 
The Unoriginals (Tim) at Vinnie's in Concord

Saturday, April 30th: Felsen (Art) at Starlite Lounge in Sacramento

Saturday, April 30th:The UnOriginals (Tim G) at Johnny Foley's in San Francisco

Friday, May 6th:Professor Jones (Anna & Mike M) at Off the Grid Fort Mason in San Francisco

Friday, May 6th: Dueling Guitars (Tim G) at Winemaker's Pourhouse in Livermore

Saturday, May 7th: The UnOriginals at Meenar in Danville

Sunday, May 8th: Muncie (Anna & Mike M) at Pacific Coast Brewing Company in Oakland

Thurdsay, May 12th:TV Mike & The Scarecrows (Anna) at Ivy Room in Albany

Friday, May 13th & Saturday, May 14th:  Timmy G Acoustic at Maria Maria in Walnut Creek

Saturday, May 14th: Zack Bateman & the Cold Minds (Judy) at The Uptown in Oakland

Friday, May 20th: The Unoriginals (Tim G) at Johnny Foley's in San Francisco

Saturday, May 21st:Gringa (Luna) at Maker Faire in San Mateo)

Friday, May 27th: West GrandBoulevard (Anna, Craig, Mike M) at Fort Mason in San Francisco

Friday, May 27th: Timmy G acoustic at Maria Maria in Walnut Creek

Saturday, May 28th: Gringa (Luna) at Bissap Baobab Village

Saturday, May 28th: The UnOriginals (Tim G) at Maggie McGarry's in San Francisco

Saturday, June 5th: Gringa (Luna) at the Ramp  Restaurant in San Francisco

Tuesday, June 7th: Gringa (Luna) at Elbo Room in San Francisco

Friday, June 24th: Gringa (Luna) at Jupiter in Berkeley

Saturday, July 9th: Zack Bateman & the Coal Minds (Judy) at Slim's in San Francisco

Every Other Tuesday: The Movement Jam with Flenobo (Swen, Tim M. & Pete) at The Legionnaire in Oakland
Every Thursday: Amethyst Bickman (Craig on keys) at Penrose in Oakland

Every Thursday: Dueling Guitars (Tim G) at Tiki Tom's in Walnut Cree

(Tim & Belinda)

(Anna, drums & Craig, keys)

(Tim, guitar/vocals)

(Luna, drums)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier & Nick, vocals & guitar)

(Anna, drums)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Anna, drums & Mike, bass)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Anna, drums)


(Adam, bass)

(Stewart, guitar/vocals)

(Adam, bass)

(Andrew, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Luna, drums)

(Mario, trumpet)
(Dave Lockhart, bass)
Are you aware of our policies? We require at least 24 hours notice of absence for offering a make-up lesson (although make-ups are NEVER guaranteed, always subject to availability). We also require 30 days written notice for stopping ongoing lessons. 

Wow, April just flew on by!

With all of the insanity of the upcoming Spring concert (May 15th), extra performance opportunity (May 7th & 14th), big raffle, Open House (June 5th), plus the ever-nearing of Summer, we almost  let April slip right on by! No such luck though for that sneaky month, as we're here, just in time, to inform you of all the latest breaking announcements at Music Time Academy. And boy howdy, do we have some bonafide news for you! Although I guess we blew the surprise in the subject line.

In any case, keep on reading, friends, and (as always), feel 100% welcome to respond with any questions or concerns that you might have about things mentioned in this newsletter, or really anything at all...

Sunday, June 5th at 5pm:
Join us for our first EVER

We could not be more excited to announce our first ever Music Time Academy Open House, just in time for summer! Please join us for an evening of musical fun, featuring:

- Live Music (by our staff, TBA)
- Instrument Exploration (try out something new!)
- Refreshments
- Fun musical games/trivia
- Q & A with our staff (try to stump us with your music-related questions, go on, TRY it!)
- A chance to meet the community of Music Time students, parents, and staff
- More excitement TBA (suggestions welcome)

All ages are welcome, so bring the whole family. We're also offering a little something special to anyone that brings along a friend/neighbor/acquaintance/enemy that is not already enrolled in lessons here:

FREE $15 Gift Certificate for Music Time Academy 
may be used on lesson tuition

Please respond to this email with any questions, suggestions or concerns. Looking forward to opening our doors to the community this first Sunday of June!


The Spring Concert is:


Our apologies for the multiple typos in regards to the date listed in the March newsletter.

Please note that you MUST sign up with the front office (in addition to notifying your instructor) in order to perform at the concert. If you are unsure of whether or not you are officially on the list, please respond to this email to double check.


Are you getting nervous about the performance, or are you unsure of whether or not to sign up? Read on, my friends, read on.

The ol' jar is looking a little low. The prizes have NOT changed. Would like any of the following? Well get down to practicing, why don't ya?!


- FREE Music Lesson Tuition (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months) 
- Apple iPad Mini
- Musical Instruments
- Gift Certificates to Local Businesses
- Much more!

Please visit the following link for additional information on how you can earn tickets over the next few weeks:

JOIN US ON MAY 7th & MAY 14th

This time around we are offering the first ever chance for students to practice their Concert piece in front of their peers (and earn some more tickets while they're at it). Space is extremely limited to 15 students per day! Reality check: there are 120+ performers already signed up, so if you would like to take advantage of this FREE oppertunuity, please RSVP ASAP (hopefully with another acronym involved somehow) by responding to this email, or sending a new thread, if that's your style, to

All that handy info you love to have:
Dates: Saturday, May 7th and Saturday May 14th
Student Arrival Time: 5:45pm
Start Time: 6pm

Teachers will NOT be present, so if you need accompaniment of any sort (besides a recorded backing track), please make your own arrangements for this event. 

Students will earn 20 tickets for participation, if they arrive on time and stay to watch all the performances (estimated end time TBD after RSVPs come in. Another acronym right there, y'all). Absolutely no requests for concert order will be honored, so do not even bother asking, begging, or crying about it.

After taking into consideration suggestions from YOU, we have come up with the following schedule for Summer Sessions 2016. Please consider making your summer more musical by enrolling in one of our fun workshops. There are options available for all ages & skill levels on many different instruments. And now, the big announcement!

We are excited to offer the following workshops this Summer:

- Rock Band (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard & Vocals)
- Vocal Ensemble (Singers only)
- Violin Ensemble (also open to Viola & Cello)
- Classical Guitar
- Ukulele


All classes are held at Music Time Academy from 12-2pm

Rock Band 1 - Session 1 (7/11-7/24) Monday - Wednesday - Friday - $150

Rock Band 2 - Session 1 (7/11-7/24) Tuesday - Thursday - $100

Rock Band 3 - Session 2 (7/25-8/7) Monday - Wednesday - Friday - $150

Rock Band 4 - Session 2 (7/25-8/7)  Tuesday - Thursday - $100

Vocal Ensemble - Session 1 (7/11-7/24) Tuesday - Thursday - $100

Violin Ensemble - Session 1 (7/11-7/24) Monday - Wednesday - Friday - $150

Classical Guitar - Session 1 (7/11-7/24) Monday - Wednesday - $100

Classical Guitar - Session 2 (7/25-8/7)  Monday - Wednesday - $100

Ukulele - Session 2 (7/25-8/7)  Tuesday - Thursday - $100


We've done a few of these over the years, and we'd like to share some of the top things that we wish we would have known for our first concert:

1) Practice mistakes.
Why does performing make us nervous? Chances are that you are more nervous of making mistake than anything. Guess what? You probably will make a mistake, so get over it. Why not try making some mistakes on purpose and practice how you'll recover? Now you'll have nothing to be nervous about. Oh, except that big crowd...

2)  Decide where to look.
Maybe you'll be looking at your music or lyrics, maybe you won't. For those of us that do not have music or lyrics, practicing where to look can be a lifesaver. Make it something that will be in front of you, that you can see without bending your neck & ruining that nice posture your teacher helped you develop. Maybe bring a photo to put on your music stand instead of music? Or maybe you can focus on an imaginary photo that reminds you of the mood of your song. Choose anything, as long as it's not looking around the crowd! And guess what? When your vision is under control, your mid wanders lesson, and your hearing will be clearer. 

3)  Warm up BEFORE you arrive. 
Most students will NOT have an opportunity to warm-up on site, so please get yourself in "the zone" at home. Do not just play through your piece as a warm-up! Do something easy to get going first, then move on. 

4) Plan to stay until the end of the show.
Do you really think nobody notices when you sneak out after your kid finishes? Well I'll tell you what, that last performer (who worked just as hard as every other kid) certainly notices when they play to an empty room, after watching the whole show. We expect the show to run about 3.5 hours. There is food for sale. The raffle is drawn at the end and you MUST be present to win, NO EXCEPTIONS. Capeesh?
Student of the Month 
Congratulations to Rhea Sharma!
Rhea will receive (along with priceless glory and endles
s bragging rights) a $30 Gift Certificate to Music Time Academy, as well as a $20 gift card to the Cinema West Theater in Livermore, and a shiny medal - can't beat that!
Instrument: Voice & Piano
Teacher:  Time
Age: 8
Grade: 3rd
School: Altamont Creek Elementary
Student Since: July 2014
Hobbies (besides practicing): Ice Skating & Art

Although she's been in lessons for almost 2 years, always participating in the concerts, over the past few months Rhea has made some tremendous strides of progress in music. Her instructor, Tim, noticed that suddenly Rhea began to be extremely excited in lessons each week, eager to show him all of the things that she had practiced since the previous lesson. And what a novel concept that is...her practice is actually paying off! Breaking news: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Because she is learning both piano and voice, Rhea has began to play and sing over her favorite songs in the piano book. This sort of practice is paying off enormously, as her general musicianship (especially listening/ear-training) has improved remarkably so far.  "She's definitely caught the music bug," says Rhea's teacher, Tim. Well, i n our humble opinion, there is no better bug out there! 

Nice work, Rhea. We cannot wait to see you play in the upcoming Spring Concert!

Do you know a current Music Time Academy student with a newsworthy musical story or accomplishment from the past month that should be featured? If so, please fill out our online nomination form by following this link:  STUDENT OF THE MONTH NOMINATION FORM
Teacher Feature - Art McConnell
Please welcome our most recent addition to the Music Time Academy staff, the versatile, skilled & experienced, Art McConnell! A long-time friend & colleague of the Music Time family, it is our sincere pleasure to finally have Art on the team, teaching drums on Saturdays to all ages & skill levels.  Although he is new on our staff, Art brings in 24+ years of teaching experience, coupled with 30+ years of varied performance experience. 

Growing up in both Maine and Los Angeles, Art began playing music during his middle school years. He was inspired to take up drums in order to keep up with his friends that would jam with rock bands in each other's living rooms. After joining both the high school marching band and jazz band, Art decided to pursue music and drumming to the fullest extent, which would eventually lead to his current and fulfilling career in music. Beginning with some serious steps, like college-level studies in Jazz and Improvised Music at the University of Maine, music studies eventually brought Art all the way to the City of Leeds College of Music in the United Kingdom.

Art continues to actively grow his music career. In addition to teaching, Art remains an avid student of drums, currently studying freestroke & Moeller technique (don't worry, it , much like a paradiddle, is "just a drummer thing") with David Dieni. He can be heard playing in many Bay Area bands, including Felsen, Lost Dog Found, The American Professionals and The New Up. Outside of music, Art loves to cook . While studying music in college, he spent a great deal time working in restaurants.

It's great to have you on staff, Art!
For more information about our many talented and interesting instructors, please CLICK HERE!
This month's Recommended Concert...

If you receive this newsletter, then you have shown some kind of interest in making your life (or the life of a loved one) more musical. One of the best ways to inspire a greater love and appreciation for music is to attend a live performance from skilled, passionate musicians. Here is our recommended local musical event for this month:

Los Lobos

UC Theater in Berkeley (ALL AGES)

Friday, May 13th

"We're a Mexican American band, and no word describes America like immigrant. Most of us are children of immigrants, so it's perhaps natural that the songs we create celebrate America in this way." So says Louie Perez, the "poet laureate" and primary wordsmith of Los Lobos, when describing the songs on the band's new album, Gates of Gold. 

The stories on Gates of Gold are snapshots of experiences that Perez and his band mates have had, based on where they are emotionally and how they respond to evolving life circumstances. "We live out loud most of the time and share our life this way, but then there are more intrinsic things that happen, and our songs are part of the way we react to them. We sit down and basically tell people what has happened. We certainly didn't start this project with aspirations to create the musical equivalent to great American literary works."

CAN'T MAKE THE SHOW? Then consider this recommended listening.


Thank you for your continued support in music education! 


Anna Cucciardo (Director) & Monica Lind (Manager)

Music Time Academy
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