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Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic People
If you’re looking for a prosthetic solution that provides both the safety and stability you need and the freedom to walk your way, than Össur Dynamic Solutions are a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Combining leading-edge technologies like RHEO KNEE ®, Pro-Flex ® feet , Iceross ® Seal-In® X liners and Unity ® sleeveless vacuum, Össur Dynamic Solutions are designed for active people who want to move confidently and effortlessly between different activities.
Whether you want safety and stability, a dynamic prosthesis that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, or a bit of both, RHEO KNEE automatically adapts to the way you walk.
With a unique, 3-blade design, Pro-Flex is engineered to generate exceptional mechanical power and reduce load on the sound side limb. Choose from 5 different, Unity-compatible Pro-Flex feet to meet your unique needs.
Featuring an Easy Glide low-friction coating, Iceross Seal-In X liners eliminate the need for alcohol or lubricant spray. Select from 3 movable, Unity-compatible seal options.
If you want the benefits of elevated vacuum technology without a hot, bulky sleeve, than Unity sleeveless vacuum by Össur is right for you.
OPAF First Stride offers O & P Continuing Education Credits
First Stride offers clinical education to practitioners and allied healthcare professionals in an introduction to gait training for the lower limb amputee. Prosthetic componentry, patient K levels determination, clinical notes and more are part of the three hour classroom portion, followed by a two hour hands on Train the Trainer First Stride Clinic with patients where attendees will to put into practice what they have learned in classroom. Physical therapists and PTAs also receive continuing education in over 40 states nationwide for First Stride.There are upcoming First Stride Clinics in Pennsylvania, New York and Kansas. Contact the OPAF office to schedule a First Stride Training & Clinic for your patients, your practice and your community.

First Stride instructors include Chris Doerger, PT, CP, Jim Scharf, PTA and Sheila Qualls Clemens, PT, Ph.D.

We are grateful to Tom McGovern, Managing Partner at Clinical Education Concepts for his pro bono work on obtaining credit approval.
First Swim, Dive and Snorkel at EMU
Upcoming Clinics in April...
April 7
Elkins Park, PA
Sponsor: Lawall Prosthetics & Orthotics

April 8
Maple Shade, NJ
Sponsor: Kinetic Prosthetics
April 14
Poughkeepsie, NY
Sponsor: Prosthetic Orthotic Associates

April 17
Olathe, KS
Sponsor: Decker Integrated Orthotics & Prosthetics

April 21
Charlotte, NC
Sponsor: Hanger Clinic & Paceline Medical Supplies   
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