Our annual photo contest is a bit unusual. Of course we’re delighted to receive entries that are professional-level images from high-quality cameras. And we enjoy photos with perfect lighting and ideal framing. But it’s most important to us to see images that best convey the stories and impact of CEPF grantees—past and present—in the field, working to protect local biodiversity.
Call for Proposals
We currently have an open call for a regional grantee exchange in the East Melanesian Islands. (Ending soon!)
Lessons Learned: Developing Ecotourism in a Post-Conflict Country

In Colombia, CEPF grantee Calidris Association is developing birding trails to attract international tourists.
12 Tips for Getting Your Grant Idea Funded
In case you missed it, here's CEPF grant directors' best advice on submitting a successful proposal. (Available in Spanish, too.)
In Other CEPF News...
Rapid Response Turns Shrinking Kenyan Lake into Protected Area
A CEPF-funded project by East African Wildlife Society has helped persuade the Kenyan Government to grant formal protection for Lake Ol Bolossat. Read more. (Also available in French.)
State of Madagascar's Freshwater Biodiversity
A CEPF-funded report by IUCN found that more than 40 percent of Madagascar's freshwater species are threatened with extinction. Read the report.
Recognizing International Day of Forests in the Cerrado Biodiversity Hotspot
Forests in the Cerrado protect water resources, as well as numerous flora and fauna species, but they are under threat. Read more [written in Portuguese].
Photo credits (top to bottom): Colombia tropical ecosystem . © Asociación Calidris; National Herbarium of São Tomé. © Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra
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