April 2022 Walk Leader Update
Join us on Wednesday May 11th for Nova Scotia Walk Day!

There is still time to register to host a walk on Nova Scotia walk day. Please sign up HERE by April 14th. The walks can be as short as 30 minutes and are meant to be gentle walks like our walk groups. (Even if your usual group walk is Wednesdays, please register your walk so we can promote it).

The goal of Walk Day is to celebrate walking and how it connects us to our communities and to each other. It will also promote NS Walks as a way for more people in NS to benefit from walking.

Once you register to lead a walk, we will get back in touch to get your walk details and send you some promotional materials. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!
Being the first year we are doing this, we are still learning!

Thank you volunteer walk leaders and supporters!!

What great themes Volunteer Canada chose for this year's volunteer week - “empathy in action” “Volunteers bring heart to community”

We want to acknowledge all of you who have organized and led walks in your community or have helped promote the program. NS Walks would NOT happen without you. There are so many of you to thank now that we have almost 40 groups happening! It has been my pleasure over the past year to get to know many of you from every end of the province. Because of you, many people in Nova Scotia have made new friends, lowered their stress levels, had fun, discovered their communities again, and so much more.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Current Walk Groups

Please keep us updated if you are starting or stopping a walk or changing location so we can update the web page.

Encourage your participants to view all the walk groups at www.nswalks.ca

In the coming weeks, we have several new groups starting including Canning and Tatamagouche.

Walk Leader Training

Our next walk leader training session will be held Wednesday April 20 at 9:00 a.m. Please share with anyone who might be interested in getting trained including your participants. Please let them know they can train to be a walk leader and still stay part of your group. Having several leaders per group is best.

HERE is the link to register.
Participant registration process is now easier and shorter

We have now combined two parts of the registration into one. In the past, participants registered for a walk group and then also completed the "Welcome to your first walk" form. This is now one step on the webpage "Register to join a walk group". The only form you need to collect from your participants is the Waiver form. The rest can be done online.

Our condolences to the family of Rosemary Nichols of Halifax. Rosemary who was one of our first walk leaders, passed away on March 12. We are grateful to Rosemary for her leadership and dedication to help get NS Walks off the ground last Spring.
For more on what Hike NS is up to, watch out for the April E News coming later this week...HERE
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