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Upcoming Events:
Apr 1-5 - Iowa Assessments
Apr 12 - Teacher Work Day (No School)
Apr 22-26 - Easter Break

Glimpse from Mrs. Obbink:
Her eyes are bright and full of life. Her smile is unbeatable. When she is thinking you can see the wheels turning and the connections being made. You know she is understanding because her whole face lights up when she connects all the concepts. She strives to complete her classwork to the best of her ability. And at just 6 years old, this little one is going to impact the world for good! 

On Friday, her unique outlook touched our school. You see, it was her birthday! What did she want for her birthday? Toys! Pretty ordinary. Except she wanted toys for her school. More specifically she wanted play equipment that could be used at recess or during PE. 

Friends and relatives were given her birthday list not to benefit herself but to bless her classmates and our school. Generous family and friends fulfilled her birthday wish as you can see by the picture below.

This is not the first time that she has used her birthday to meet the needs of others. According to her mom, this act of using her birthday to bless others all began when she was even younger. She saw a need and asked her mom if they could meet the need instead of getting her birthday presents. What a birthday tradition! A tradition that shows the generosity and the heart of this young child.

Happy Birthday! May God bless you with many, many more special birthdays.
Iowa Assessment Testing began this morning. Testing will take most of the week. Our students will also be enjoying a lot of fun. Check out our Facebook posts through out the week.
One more Yoforit Night has been scheduled to make up for the one that was cancelled due to Snowmaggedon.  Come to Yoforit on Tuesday, April 2nd and enjoy a frozen treat!  All sales between 5 pm - 8 pm on April 2nd will directly support our school.  However, families may go right after school, and let the staff know you are there on behalf of MCS, then those sales will get added to the final total.  Thank you for supporting this event!
Are you a 1st grade parent wondering what 2nd grade is going to look like for next year?  Stop in on Wednesday morning and make your way to the Library.  Meg VandenHeuvel will have coffee and goodies to share.  Mrs. Sytsma and Mrs. Bailly will be available to answer any questions you may have about next year from 8:30 until 9:00.  We hope you can stay for a few minutes.  
This Wednesday, April 3rd, is Donut Day.  Donuts will be available for $1 each.  Thank you to Joe's Glass Company for sponsoring this month's Donut Day!  Due to testing, donuts will be offered after lunch.  If anyone knows of a business or family that would like to sponsor a Donut Day, the cost is $120.
This Friday, April 5th, is Pizza Day.

The cost is $4.00 for one slice of cheese or pepperoni plus Capri Sun and a treat or $6.00 for two slices.  Individual payments will go directly to the teacher. Please bring in-full payments to the office.  If you would like to pay in full for the remainder of the school year please refer to the following information:

5 pizza lunches (1 slice) - $20.00
5 pizza lunches (2 slices) - $30.00
If you have a teenager, this is a valuable source of information.  It is free.  All you need to do is sign up here.

Emergency packs are in the process of being sent home. The Safety Committee has a working plan to meet the needs of our students in case there is an extreme emergency. With this plan in mind, there is no need to have individual packs in place. We did keep the letters and the photos you sent in for your children and the emergency blankets. These items will be passed on as the students progress through the grades.
Saturday, April 13th, Cascade Church will host a "Princess Party" for girls 3-9 years old. Click Princess Party for additional information. 
How many young people live with constant feelings of inferiority and discontent because their self-perceptions don't match the ideals presented in various forms of digital media? How many reach young adulthood extremely anxious about their ability to cope?
"I'm a loser in real life! The only time I'm not is when I'm online."
As they grapple with the already challenging task of understanding themselves in relation to the world, this dangerous theme pervades the lives of far too many children, teens, and young adults. When true and digital identities battle each other for emotional territory, kids can suffer painful conflict and develop understandable escape behaviors.
Many dive deep into the murky waters of the Internet and video game overuse where they feel calmer, stronger, and more accepted in the cyberworld than in their true relational one. The seeds of addiction are sown. Full-blown dependency looms just around the corner.
While it's sometimes necessary, taking away their devices addresses only the tip of the iceberg. Helping them feel confident within their own skin gets at the much larger portion below the water line.
Denial in epic proportions
One might argue that most parents in America are in denial over the impact of technology overuse on their children's identities. Teaching me to drive, both of my parents gave great advice: "Always assume someone is in your blind spot." Applying this to parenting, it's probably wise to assume that most of us have a "blind spot" when it comes to technology and our kids.
Helicopters and Drill Sergeants develop dependency
Chronic helicopter parenting creates insecure kids who doubt their ability to make good decisions and to succeed in the real world. So, does clinging to the drill sergeant model. Both styles are the enemy of healthy identity development, creating damaging anxiety and despair.
Consultants empower strength
Consultant parents empower their kids to make decisions, live with the consequences, and see that they are capable of coping. This style also preserves healthy parent-child relationships. Coping skills plus relationships serve as antidotes for depression and dependency.
We can't control others
At the heart of consultant parenting is the awareness that we can only up the odds of healthy identity development. We cannot ensure it. Sometimes highly ineffective parents end up with strong kids... and highly competent parents experience ones with big problems. What Love and Logic does guarantee is that we can face life knowing we've done our best.
Thanks for reading!
Dr. Charles Fay