Steven Ault a public health biologist who works in international public health, principally in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also has worked in Central/Eastern Europe, Egypt and South Asia. He did his undergraduate degree at UC Davis, and graduate studies principally at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and UC Davis, and was a Robert S. McNamara Fellow of the World Bank in 1982. He focuses on control and elimination of tropical diseases and their vectors, global public health and environmental health, and has authored over 27 scientific publications. He was a co-recipient of the PAHO/WHO 2010 Outstanding Team Award Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for work on the Influenza A (H1N1) emergency response team to combat the H1N1 Pandemic. 

Steven retired from the World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization in December 2015 after ~ 19 years of service where he recently had served as Senior Advisor for Neglected Infectious and Tropical Diseases. Previously he worked in California EPA and consulted with USAID, the World Bank and APHA. Steven now teaches (part-time) courses in epidemiology, global health and health policy and planning at the School of Public Health, University of Maryland in College Park. He also currently serves as an advisor to international NGOs working on NTDS especially leprosy and podoconiosis and continues collaboration and consultation with PAHO on elimination of communicable diseases and vector control. Steven is tri-lingual and enjoys teaching, research and writing, and working directly and indirectly to improve the lives of families and communities living in poverty and deprivation.