May 10, 2019
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A Call Together
Michael Chittum, Executive Director
What do you have when you mix 3 different locations, with around 60 different ministers from 10 different states, serving churches from just a few years old to ones in existence over 200 years, and these ministers have served their churches from a few months to nearly two decades? In the NACCC in 2019, you have the Minister’s Convocation (from the Latin, meaning “call together”). Convocation provides a time of fellowship, rest, conversation, education, relaxation, prayer, worship, respite from the day to day ministerial responsibilities, and mutual support for ministers of the NACCC.

This year was significant for several reasons. This was the first year that there were 3 convocations held with the hope that more ministers could attend. 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of what we now call the Midwest Convocation. This was also the first year for an NACCC Minister’s Convocation on the west coast.

While ministers pay for their lodging and meals and transportation to the event, the NACCC, through the Vitality Ministry Council , covers the costs for the speakers. This is a great thing for the ministers of our active member churches. Please encourage your minister to be part of Minister’s Convocation 2020.
Cook Native American Ministries
Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

Barbara Dabul, member of the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council and a resident of Arizona, responded to an invitation to attend a prayer vigil for the Cook Memorial Presbyterian Church in Sacaton, AZ, which was reduced to rubble as the result of arson. Native American members of this small church prayed earnestly to forgive the arsonists and to extend caring concern to their families. They also thanked the first responders for their help. Would you join in praying for all of the houses of worship worldwide which have recently burned, whether by accident or intent?
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