Track & Field 2022
April 11, 2022
We are looking forward to everyone returning from Spring Break this week! The Invitational was a huge success and we are so proud of the athletes that competed at such a high level this past weekend. Next Saturday we are back at Valencia High, we are the host team and will need a lot of volunteers. With only 3 regular season meets left, if you have not competed your 8 hours please start them this weekend.
Please read relay expectation below. We have had a lot of disappointed kids when athletes do not report on time for relay. Please make sure your athletes are at the meet at 8:30 am to check in. If you are not sure if your athletes is on the relay check with their coach!

Please Sign Up to Volunteer This week we will have setup and clean up.
Timing duties, data input, finish line, announcing, relay judges staging tag pullers Girls Long Jump and escorting to start line for all events

Events can be changed at the meet if needed.
If you have any questions about the number of events please ask your coach. We are back to 3 events and a relay for the remainder of the meets.

Scholastic Awards Forms
In an effort to emphasize the importance of maintaining scholastic ability in conjunction with athletic ability, the Santa Clarita Track Club, Inc. in cooperation with local school districts, awards a Scholastic Achievement Medal to all active athletes that maintain a 'B+' (3.5) grade point average or better during the season. The medal is engraved with the student's name, year and symbol of the sport in which he/she is participating. A special President's Award Medal is presented to players that maintain straight A's. 
The Deadline for turning in the form is April 21st, 2019   You can either turn in a current report card with your child's age group, or download the form and have their teacher fill it out !
Weekly Schedule
Monday - Castaic High School 6:00-7:45
Tuesday - C.O.C. 6:00-7:45 (Gremlins 7:15)
Thursday - Castaic H.S. -6:00 pm - 7:45 pm (Gremlins 7:15)
Saturday - Valencia High School All day meet
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans and Jolly Ranchers! We have enogh for now. We will let you know if we need more in the future
Relay Expectations
Many parents are asking how relays are determined, here is a brief description on how this is done. There were some very disappointed athletes at the meet because those who did not stay, or arrive on time for their team, and those who forget to sign up, but wanted to be added. Those who were there and did not get on a team will try to make sure they are on a team in future week.
It is very important to the team that if your athlete signs up for a relay that they are at the meet and checked in before 8:30 am so the coaches can assemble the teams. If your child is signed up for a relay and does not show up, or is late, it will effect every other relay runner, and disappoint those who can not compete.
This is the only event that we are strict on signing up for. Please don’t sign up for the relay if your athlete can not compete in the event.

Criteria for relay team assignment.
1) coaches discretion
2) attending practice
3) able to hand off smoothly
4) Time in the 100 meters at a meet

All of this is considered when coaches put together their teams (A-Team, B-Team, C-Team, etc.)
If you have any questions about this please speak with your age group coach or Coach Elaine
Team Fundraiser Opportunity
The STORM team has been met with unexpected expenses this spring and we have been reluctant to request any fundraising, but an opportunity is available that can benefit you and your family and the STORM family.
A local swim school with participants in STORM has offered to help fund-raise with a profit-sharing opportunity. The Swim Ranch is a private learn-to-swim and performance swim instruction service. The results are unmatched in the region. If you have your own pool, go to the ocean … there is no doubt that swimming is very important for basic safety.
We consider this option especially beneficial because the skill of knowing how to swim correctly promotes fitness and safety across all ages.
Let them know that you are members of STORM and they will donate 20% directly to the team.
Lessons are private or semiprivate (when applicable). Please visit their website for more information at or contact Dave and Heather directly at